The Self Identity Crisis Code – Bazi Day Masters

Self identity is a crucial thing. It determines your self awareness, self belief, self image, self acceptance, personal values so on and so forth. A person who lacks this can cause a lot of chaos in other people’s lives as much as their own. In short, you don’t know who you are.

For example, if your sense of identity is not strong you’d always be comparing yourself with others because you always think you are not enough. This makes you lose out on a lot of opportunities. On extreme cases you may even create mountains out of molehills thinking people are talking about you / competing with you / taking advantage of you when actually they are not. In their own world, ironically the self is rather inflated yet in a negative way that they need to disrupt everything and anyone around them to overcompensate. I’m sure you have met people like that before. The really extreme ones will go on a crazy rampage to grab all opportunities at all cost because in their own mind everyone else are out to get them.

Having no sense of identity also means you will end up mimicking others and your character sways with whoever you are with at that moment. Not knowing who you are or where you stand means just that, you have no stand, no belief, flighty, lack resilience and end up being not very trustworthy and reliable either. If you trust no one, it’s very difficult to have anyone trust you either.

So there are a number of criteria to this:

Your DAY MASTER stem is Doubled AND is not rooted to a Companion star ON THE DAY STEM.

YES –>

Bing not rooted here.


NO –>

This chart has a double Gui, but rooted in the Day. Rooting to the Hour can be the next alternative as it represents the mind. As far as Self identity is concerned, you don’t fall into the extreme.


This is also rooted to Companion:


This is also a NO. Day Masters only and there are no double Geng.


Some stems are better than others (only on the Heavenly Stem). It’s still bad, just not as bad – in your own natal chart:

  • Jia don’t like seeing another Jia.
  • Yi is okay with more Yi,
  • Bing cannot see another Bing.
  • Ding can see more Ding.
  • Wu is uncomfortable with another Wu.
  • Ji is very okay with more Ji.
  • Geng seeing another Geng starts the swordfight.
  • Xin is envious of another Xin.
  • Ren and Gui are okay with more of each other, in fact they interrelate.

Rooted elsewhere other than the Day master also gives a self identity crisis, because they end up mimicking their friends for comfort and end up just like whoever they mix with.


Furthermore there is a clash:


The chances of this person having bipolar or split personality disorder is pretty high especially if not rooted. But in short this person has a total different personality in public and at home. Who he/she is a total opposite of what is portrayed and since there is a lack of self identity, values and belief here, this person has no issue bending their personality or doing whatever it takes to suit whatever their friends demand. All in the name of a false sense of belonging or feeling good.

Add on: The self esteem issue only gets worse if your natal chart Friend Profile is at 100% (with no DE) too or extremely low. This will bring out the negative side of the Friend Profile.


3 thoughts on “The Self Identity Crisis Code – Bazi Day Masters

  1. Your DAY MASTER stem is doubled AND is not rooted to a companion star ON THE DAY STEM. This means something else that we are not covering today but no, no self identity crisis here.

    I don’t understand this criteria. Can you explain more ? Thanks


  2. Hi Mindy,
    If DM is Bing Shen, Fu Yin at Hour pillar, Bing rooted in Shi Month main Qi with DE, Friend profile at 100%. Does this mean an extreme self identity crisis as per your article?
    Would this become even worse when the annual pillar form a Fan Yin with the DM?
    Thank you!


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