How to Decide Better with Qimen Forecasting

This morning someone asked me a casual question, if they should proceed with an additional task or project. In short it’s a go / no-go question. I thought the chart was pretty interesting and wanted to share how you actually make decisions based on a Qimen Forecast.

This was the hour chart I used:



There isn’t any need to look for other Useful Gods so the Day (asker/current situation) and Hour (outcome) will do. Rule #1 of metaphysics: Always keep things as simple as possible. Do not complex-ify anything that does not require complexity 🙂 It’s pretty much a rule of life as well.



Ding (丁) Fire in the SouthEast (SE) represents the Asker. Even if you think you don’t know much about Qimen, you can already see that this a Good box – all red structures. Everything is going on very well for the asker right now, in a very ideal position (Hero), financially secured (Earth) and easy-going at the moment (Rest Door). They may not feel it yet or maybe just be restless (Not Yet Accomplished Hexagram) but the reality is as what it is. Good enough.


Yi (乙) Wood in South (S). Amazingly the destination in question was Singapore which is in the South and with a 9 Heavens (travelling overseas). The outcome is not too bad either. There is some money to be made (Life door) but there is a need to take full care of staff/students/people under your care (Grain) and there will be a number of problems/crisis (Geng) awaiting to be solved by you. There seems to be a lot of people meddling in this situation.


The palaces are producing (SE produce S) which means this is definitely the outcome you will achieved if you choose to go out and get it (Producing out). Beginner students very easily misinterpret this as ‘As long as it’s producing, this means yes, means I should proceed‘.

The answer is No. Look at the palaces again. If you’re currently in a very good and superior position, do you want to add on a task that clearly takes more effort, more problems and more solving? Well, of cos the final decision depends on the Asker’s priorities but for this chart the advice would be to stay where they are, where things are already as good as it can be.  There’s no need to take on anymore for now – Rest.

However (for Advanced Qimen student to note – beginners please ignore), if you notice the asker Ding (丁) stem is also present in the Outcome palace. There could be a possibility that the asker may not be able to get out of this task and ‘asked’ to proceed even though they decide not to. Let’s wait for the Asker’s feedback 🙂


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