Mind Your Emotions: Wood and Anger


Everyone gets angry sometimes. For some people a lot of times. Some look like they need anger management classes, like me a very long time ago haha. So there is a reason why the Hulk, one of my favorite superhero, is in Green because incidentally Anger is governed by Wood. If your Wood is extremely strong in your natal chart plus you have a Hai-Mao-Wei (Pig-Rabbit-Goat) somewhere in your chart and you’re born in Spring, then it’s an overload. This is a Hai (Pig) year, the odds of having this 3 Harmony suddenly formed is high.

When your Wood (Yi 乙 or Jia 甲) is about 80% and above, you are naturally quite easy to anger. If you’re >90%, you have anger issues. Ironically the 100% ones reverse themselves automatically and becomes docile. If it’s in Death and Emptiness (DE) even better, then you don’t even care about what makes you angry to begin with but will need to be careful when the DE is filled – your tolerance level suddenly drops. The reason for this anger is always attachment. When you’re too attached to an outcome, a plan, a person and you’re not receptive to letting go, like it’s not even an option. Maybe you’ve invested so much in something but it doesn’t work out, or an expectation of reaching a certain goal or plan that has gone wrong, maybe you’ve been slandered or had to take the blame for no apparent reason, you still need to let it go.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Wood governs the liver network and the nervous system. So if you’re one of those with a 90+% Wood in your chart, you’d notice by now that each time you lose your temper you not only get a headache, but you increase the production of your gastric juice which subsequent gives you big stomach issues – indigestion, bloating so on and so forth. This is because when the Wood is too strong, it attacks Earth (stomach, spleen). Overly stimulated Wood can also cause nerve problems and anxiety.

Having 0% Wood does not mean you don’t have anger issues. It’s almost like saying you don’t even have a liver to begin with so 0% Wood people, in terms of anger, are very good at hiding their rage until the Stems actually appear. Another thing to note is also that if it’s your useful god, you’re going to realise that every time you get angry you become most productive.

From the face, note their brow bone – also governed by Wood. If they have brow bones that obviously protrude out of the head like a prominent speed bump, especially with a strong jaw, they can be full of hidden rage which can get out of hand, even if they smile all the time.



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