The Bazi Guide to Office Politics

Recently I’ve had a number of friends come to me about work matters. Not so much about the work opportunities but more about the frustrating work environment. Then I keep seeing this Facebook Ad on my feed about dealing with unbearable office environments like an Evidential Occurrence for me to write about it, haha. The common term used these days is – Toxic Environment.

My Consulting colleagues will agree with me that being in the consulting industry for so many years we change offices or countries every other year, sometimes every other month and being able to work in, work for, be a part of the highest conglomerates down to the smallest factory, we have the opportunity to observe everyone’s different working culture – from the worst conditions right up to the best ones.

I don’t really like to use to word Toxic because one man’s poison is another man’s meat (or treasure so to speak), so anything that makes anyone uncomfortable is just a mismatch of energy. You either like the energy or you don’t. For example many years back I worked in quite a big local company whom I cannot name that has a culture of writing official emails that are filled with 4-letter words to the IT team. Even in their meetings, they have a habit of using belittling terms or throw things (including food) at people around the meeting table where you need to pick them up and smile. I’m not sure if you want to call them Toxic, because everyone else finds it normal, everyone else finds it acceptable. Then anyone who finds this unacceptable will in fact, be the one called Toxic. So I’d just like to term it as an energy mismatch.

Maybe an egoistic man will have an energy mismatch with a team full of female leaders? Maybe a highly intelligent person will have a mismatch in a team full of intellectually-challenged people? Maybe a no-nonsense person will have a mismatch in a team full of people with misconduct… so on and so forth… you get my drift.

So how do we fix this? Usually there is nothing to fix – if you’re uncomfortable just leave. Unless you were brought on board with the sole purpose of changing this culture by the management, you can’t do much about it except be aware and stay out of the warzone as much as you can.

We can do this in Bazi by foreseeing what’s to come and that is by looking at your Bazi MONTH pillar. Since I’m used to changing companies/projects every other month or year I only look at the annual Shen Sha. But logically, let’s survive one year first and we’ll see what we can do about the next year later, fair enough?

Firstly, there are 3 stems that are *more* inclined to dabble in office politics, so generally if your natal chart Xin, Yi or Geng percentage is quite high and without Death and Emptiness you have a higher tendency to be the one playing some sort of politics at your workplace.

After a few discussions with my esteemed apprentice buddies we decided the best way to look at Office Politics is still using Shen Sha (Auxiliary Stars).

So if you’re born with General Star / Fui Kong / Kui Gang 魁罡 – 庚辰、壬辰、戊戌、庚戌 (which is my next post), you’re quite a natural at playing politics to begin with. Your crude and ruthless character at work also naturally draws enemies to you. Even more so if you have a natal Cascading Cloud, which is the Geng Chen 庚辰.

Thirdly, would be a year of Harm interaction, which would be those with Monkey year/month for this year, you’re likely to be faced with betrayals – you can narrow down the details by looking at the 10 Gods.

For the rest of you, open up your own chart and scroll to this area:


Just look at your Month pillar for all work related matters. Year if you want to see if your clients/customers are the ones giving you trouble. You can totally ignore the Day and Hour for this topic.

So the Shen Sha (Auxiliary Stars) to warn you of impending politics entering your life for the entire year would be – the more you have the more intense it will be:

  1. Cascading Cloud 流霞
  2. Five Ghost 五鬼
  3. Curled Tongue 啳舌
  4. Back Poking 指背
  5. Yin Sha 阴煞
  6. White Tiger 白虎
  7. Entangling Hook 勾絞
  8. Piercing Rope 贯索
  9. Robbery Sha 劫煞 (I still consider this cos it still shows competition taking what you have)

They range from rumor mongers, harassment, slander, betrayal, frenemies, competitors, robbers, jealous co-workers, attackers, opportunists and saboteurs. Some can even plot your downfall and put you in jail. If you want to narrow down the people involved you may check the 10 Gods.

My theory is very simple: If you have whatever I’ve mention in your natal chart, then you might be the one doing it. But if it suddenly comes in from the Annual Pillar, you’re more likely the victim of it.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of playing dirty politics and I’m quite known in my industry for this stand as well. But then again I’m also not against anyone who uses it as their ladder to success – if you need it I’d still advice people to use it. So to each their own and to the rest (especially all those with a Gui this year)…. protect ourselves 😀


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