The Half a Year Bazi Checklist: A Promise to Yourself

I don’t know what’s up with the energy these few days, maybe it’s the solstice, the shift of energy or which planet is having some kind of meltdown but I’ve been getting so many messages from my friends whom are really under the weather. I spent almost an entire night convincing 4-5 friends (separately) that they can achieve what they have set out to achieve. Plans gone awry, one was slapped with a legal letter, one was very not confident about her pilot exam and generally I think it’s a time where people just feel they are not going to get what they set out to do in the first place – and that also includes myself.

Seeing people not believing in themselves is quite a painful thing for me. You can spend hours convincing them that they have so much to give, they are so much more and that they can do better and deserve better. But you see, even when you pay me for that 1 hour consultation, I could honestly convince you of what you’re made of but ultimately the one who has to walk the talk, is you. Like me convincing my crying buddy who is so tired about her Captainship exam and she keeps saying she doesn’t think she can do it anymore when I know she is way more capable than that. This is a simple fact everyone can see. But sometimes when you go through it yourself, you may feel so beaten, frustrated, defeated and you wonder what is it all for. That’s when you need ‘cheerleaders’, people in your life who cheer you on when you don’t have the strength anymore.

So right now I am going to be everyone’s Cheerleader here, for anyone who feels they are already beaten and defeated in the first half of 2019. Help is here. What else can you still possibly do for the next freaking 6 months (stop sighing!) :

Open up your chart again and look at this portion, note down the 10 Gods:


Promise yourself that you will:

DW: Be silly.

You’re bored and too serious this year maybe it’s due to finances, maybe it’s your inability to delegate your task so you’re swamped this year. Are you tired already? Maybe you should take some time off (if you can) before you burnout. Even if it’s just a neighbourhood playground being silly. If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to take care of your team.

IW: Find Passion

You need to be re-inspired, your passion has somewhat died. When is the last time you had a clear vision of what you wanted to do? If you already do then go out and make it happen, it’s already July!

DO: Be Proactive

Stop being so anal. Loosen up and go break some rules, go ahead and break that diet plan once awhile, eat that chocolate cake, dance till 3am. Only then will you open up and function at your most optimum. Be proactive and go after what you want. Achieve that this year.

7K: Believe in Yourself

Your confidence was somewhat shaken or broken. You’re easily irritated so channel your energy towards helping other people solve their problems instead. Make it a point to help 1 person a month or a week maybe. Embrace other people’s problems and you’ll feel way better. Have the courage to stand up for yourself when needed.

DR: Get Certified

You’re already bored and getting lazy. Before the year ends make sure you’ve picked up 1 brand new skillset/knowledge that you can coach someone else about. Better still go get yourself certified. Commit to a new fitness or health regime and make sure by the end of the year your health is significantly better.

IR: Have Faith

It’s about time you acknowledge your subconscious/intuition which is 100x more powerful than your conscious. Take up TCM, metaphysics, meditation, yoga, qigong and commit to it. By the end of the year you must be able to feel energy, be a Qimen master or a healer. Most importantly your own energy level has to be improved.

HO: Be Heard

You need to be seen. Go take up performing arts this year and make sure you perform/speak/compete on stage at least once. You have 6 months to train.

EG: Create something freaking awesome

Have you started on your pet project yet? Have you created that new idea, new product, new choreography, new book, new class that one thing that is going to wow and dazzle everyone else because your ideas are THAT awesome (and in return make you a lot of money)? You have 6 months to get this done.

F: Find Yourself

Have you checked in with yourself lately? Are you improving? Are you growing? Are you becoming better than what you were 6 months ago? Are you on track with your health and well being. Lost? It’s time to go find who you are, what you really want in life and work on it.

RW: Connect Again

Have you been checking up on your friends and family lately? Is your social network growing? You need to be out and about getting to know more people so make it a point to join every single event you’re invited to this year. Be the life of the party and enjoy 🙂

So make this promise to yourself to turn around your 2019 today. It’ll get better. It always does ♥



6 thoughts on “The Half a Year Bazi Checklist: A Promise to Yourself

  1. Thank you so much! No wonder Almost lost and felt not in control anymore lately. Thanks for the guidance..will do my best reaching out and lend a helping hands to others ..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Can we apply this info into our luck pillar?
    Re DR, can you touch more on that Mindy? Any certification counts? I am DR in upcoming luck pillar and it is in DE. I have no clue yet what kind of certification. Can we find out from the element in the LP?


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