Qimen Destiny Chart for Strategic Execution?

Mind Your Qi is officially 1 year old today. Thank you so much for all your support and for sharing this journey with me, it has been such a pleasure so here’s a Qimen write up for everyone ♥

You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle... (2).png

I share a lot on Qimen Strategic Execution because I’m also very heavy on application. Knowing and identifying flaws or weaknesses, be it Bazi or Qimen, is only the first step. Pointing out for flaws in buildings using Qimen Feng Shui is also only a first step. The most important part in metaphysics is its application – what can I actually DO about this now that I know about it? Knowing is not enough.

In my recent video I taught you how to identify the best sectors in a Qimen chart as well as how to manifest. Subsequently a few people did ask that if they don’t have the hour/day/month chart, how can they do this?

Because today is a special day, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. use your own Qimen Destiny Chart 🙂

But of course this method is only limited to what you have and you do need to know the structures and formations you can leverage on in any chart which will be covered extensively in this weekend’s Qimen FS and SE classes.

Whenever I look at someone’s Qimen Destiny chart I always pick 3 things:

  1. Destiny: Your destiny palace
  2. Strength: Your non-destiny 7 star (if you’re a 7 star then the 6 star)
  3. Usability: The nicest structure in your chart (you may have more than 1 or overlap with one of those above)


Only in Qimen Destiny I personally do not care about the Destiny level/star as much as the person’s mentality and belief system (and no you do not need religion). It only shows what you’re born with and throughout life you can ‘level up’ on your own – meditation, qigong, martial arts, energy work, fitness training, so on and so forth. A 1 star Chief who constantly level up is better than a 7 star Chief who does nothing. But of course a level 1 Chief has more work to do to catch up to the level 7, but in time will surpass it. Get my point?

Furthermore, if you noticed by now, almost all 7 star Destiny do not use their Deity. Like a ‘I know I have it but I don’t want to use it’ kinda thing. It suddenly becomes like a 100% profile in your Bazi – unless you have a DE. Why? I don’t know? If you’re a 7 star Moon and you have all the knowledge in the world, why don’t you apply it on yourself? So it goes back to what I look at, mentality and readiness. So I’d pick the next one – 6 star.

The first 2 are easier to identify. But when you’re looking at Usability, this is where you need to pick up Strategic Execution in order to understand the formations and structures together with it’s meaning. A 3-4 star ‘Bird Fly Into Cave’ 9 Heavens may be way more usable than a normal 6 star Destiny 9 Heavens. There are so many formations in a Qimen chart – depending what you want to use it for but now we just want to see which ones you already have. Remember – I state here as Usability and not the person’s characteristics and personality. You will always behave like your Destiny palace which we will refer back at the Qimen Destiny theory taught at the end of the year.

So once you’ve identified this you can use them whenever you want – because these energies are always with you. Getting what you want from whatever you have, right? But if you need more, then do join us at our best selling Qimen Mastery classes this weekend (or at the end of the year). You seriously won’t want to miss it 🙂


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