The Shen Sha Code – General Star/Fui Kong/Kui Gang 魁罡

Someone asked me to write about this and so happen the moment I ‘graduated’ from Bazi classes I had 1 guinea pig to test on and I accidentally picked the hardest one, a General Star or you might hear me say Fui Kong 魁罡 a lot.

Out of 60 day pillars there are only 4 General Stars:


We call them General star because that’s what they are, Generals – no nonsense, ruthless (and can be borderline cruel), cut to the chase, courageous, loyal, fight to their death kind of characters.

These qualities makes them great entrepreneurs and are very likely to do well in their career. They have razor sharp perception, focus and drive, a force to be reckoned with, especially the Ren and the Wu who makes up of the top 2 richest Day Master. General stars usually find it really frustrating to be working for others because they need to be the one giving orders instead of taking orders. But when they make it, they really make it big, with the nobility and respect to match. Traditionally, well traditionally almost nothing in the ancient text favors the female and this is no different. Fui Kong women are said to have the worst relationship luck ever, because they tend to operate like a man, think like a man and execute like a man, which is exactly what we’ve been waiting for in Period 9.

They are stubborn as hell with an ego to match, they very rarely take other people’s opinion or advice into consideration. They naturally do not place a lot of importance on relationships, with the exception of male Geng Chen because it sits on a hidden Direct Wealth. So most of them have relationship issues because they forget to tone down their ‘go out and kill’ attitude, at home.

Regardless of the General Star having 7 Killings or not when assessing their chart they have to be read as strong 7 Killings as they naturally possess tremendous Sha Qi. So technically and also in the ancient texts, it’s not favorable when they see more Influence. For the 2 Gengs, the usual Ding (DO), is no longer their useful god.

My Guinea Pig is a strong Geng Chen. After following his chart for a few years I realized reading his chart requires a slight twist. I noticed he losses money when he sees Wealth Stars. He makes money when he sees Companion Stars. He hasn’t touch his Officer luck cycles yet so I can only feedback on that later. He has 2 General Stars side by side and while some argue this is a ‘Broken General Star’ chart, I think the clash was when he made the most money, of course with the biggest arguments as well. Weak General Star carry the attitude but not the ability – so their luck can be pretty disastrous unless meeting the right Luck Pillars according to ancient texts. But logically in my opinion should enjoy better relationship luck.

So reading a Day Master as this, requires a bit more analysis of the entire chart.


1 thought on “The Shen Sha Code – General Star/Fui Kong/Kui Gang 魁罡

  1. Ops. My sis have all yang element like this too n so happen tht she was ren water n hv many 7killing in her chart. She now earning 5 digit a mth under employed n yes she dislike being instructed by the superior too much. Sadly she was weak day master.


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