Mind Your Hexagrams: 12 Stagnation 天地否


Stagnation happens when people start to take things for granted. If you observe nature, you’ll realise that it’s very rare for anything to come to a standstill. Even water will continuously flow until it gets separated from the source and lands up in a stagnating pool which eventually dries off. So if you got this hexagram, ask yourself 2 questions: First one, what was your initial motives? Why did you start this project in the first place? What was your vision back then and the second one, why are you diverting away from that now?

12 Standstill is a very interesting card as it’s sandwiched right in between 11 Unity and 13 Fellowship, both cards where people matters is the key. You need to be in harmony with like minded people, those who matter are very important. If you’re not, you need to find it before you literally ‘dry off’.

In relationship matters. 11 Unity (Kun on Qian) is when everything is in Harmony and Stagnation happens when you do the exact opposite (Qian on Kun). The solution is pretty simple, you’re both playing the wrong role. If you would have just switch roles, you would again be in harmony. But to switch or not switch, you decide. Cos you have a choice: go back to the way things were or move forward and find someone more in sync with you right now.

In health and wellbeing, something is very out of sync, mostly due to you drifting away from the main goal. If it was a diet or exercise, then you’ve been slacking. But if you’re not slacking and it’s not bringing any results, it’s time to find a new one.


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