Mind Your Hexagrams: 31 Influence 澤山咸

Hexagram 31 is all about the power of influence, the art of speaking (Dui) without creating much movement (Gen) yet you influence an entire crowd. When you get this card you are either in the midst of creating a movement where you are being heard and believed or you need to be creating a movement where you are being heard and believed – one willing to teach and the other willing to learn. Your power of attraction is high therefore you have the opportunity to attract anything your heart wants but you need to go out and get it. Be proactive and be open to anything that joins or bring things/people/goals together by stirring their emotions. The keyword is to create a connection.

If the question is regarding relationship, this is a great card as this is the initial stage of courtship where the power of attraction is very strong. The youngest son (Gen) falls in love and actively chases after the object of his desire, youngest daughter (Dui) who reciprocates. The love/passion they both feel is mutual and there is a sense of telepathy between them making both highly compatible, complements each other but action needs to be taken in order to create a lasting bond of 2 that belongs together. This is the most unforgettable phase where you just can’t get your eyes off each other and miss each other when you’re apart. Enjoy the moment.

In terms of health and wellbeing, everything is looking great at the moment although you do need to take on some effort to upkeep/improve the current condition. You may feel a little more lethargic than usual, take care of your food intake, stress level and your lungs.





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