The Bazi Method: Why is my Main Profile and Main Structure not the same?

I do get this question a LOT, ‘Why does my chart say that my main profile is not the highest profile and why is the main structure not the same element as the main profile?’ We get this question so much that I’ve been asked to just write about it once and for all, so here goes.

As you can see from the chart here, the Main Profile for this chart is Rob Wealth (Jia), which is the 3rd highest in this chart and not the highest Direct Resource (Ren). This is correct.

The Structure however falls into Thinker which is the Water element and not the Wood as per the profile. So this is where you start getting confused thinking that the software is wrong. But it is not.

Main Profile: The Profile is always based on the Month Branch. There is a set of rules and regulation to derive the Main Profile which we have taught in our Bazi Mastery classes. Our Bazi mastery student you will understand the concept called rooting which is the very First criteria.

Example here: Month Branch is the Pig, which contains Ren and Jia. Main Qi stem always takes priority, is it piercing to the Stems? Apparently no. So we go to the next Sub Qi stem, Jia. It appears on the Heavenly Stem of the Hour hence Rob Wealth will be your Main profile. If both are penetrating to the Heavenly Stem, take the one in the Month first. Anyways these are all technicalities that are covered very much in our Bazi Mastery. I’m just going to share here the few guidelines because there are just too many scenarios to cover.

As for the Main Structure, this is a bit easier. We just pick the overall strongest element which is initially determined by the month season regardless of any rooting or not BUT we take into consideration all the interactions like combinations, harms, 3 harmony so on and so forth. To date we do not take Death and Emptiness into consideration when picking the Main Structure so ignore it.

Which in this case, in the Winter, Water is the strongest. There seem to be no other additional interaction apart from the Death and Emptiness which will reduce the 2 element slightly) Hence the Structure will be Water element (Thinker).

All clear?

If you’re not clear, you’ll just need to rely on the software then. Alternatively you can pick up our Bazi Mastery courses coming up soon, especially if you want to know all the specific criteria that we outline very clearly in class. Then you can do this manually even without the software. Do contact Team Joey Yap for more details.


2 thoughts on “The Bazi Method: Why is my Main Profile and Main Structure not the same?

  1. I’’m fairly new in learning bazi but what does it means when all of my ten gods are not rooted? I have 8 gods but none of them piercing the stem nor rooted down. Thank you!!


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