Mind Your Hexagrams: 24 Returning ䷗ 地雷复


This hexagram is very dependent on what is the context to begin with – but regardless it’s still about going back to what it was before, returning to the path. I remember a friend asking about a job opportunity and he got this card, and I immediately asked him if he was going back to his previous company to which he replied yes. In business or money matter it does mean an opportunity that went out of grasp may come back again. But if you were asking about a problem or an issue, it also means this problem may come back – so as I’ve mentioned it is very context oriented.

Kun on Zhen denotes opportunities on the outside that are open for your taking, people are open to listen to anything you have to offer and are very supportive too – provided you take action. You also magnetically attract depending on your context and regardless there is an air of renewal, rebirth, going back to where you belong because you’ve deviated from your true path. Like the friend who got this card, he went back to the industry that he was meant to be in.

In terms of relationship, if you’re asking about an existing relationship, there will be a sense of renewal and rebirth of the relationship when you realize this is where you belong but if you were asking about a relationship issue, it means that these issues will return very soon. However if you’re asking about a person whom you are not sure of their feelings for you or is a bit distant recently, getting this card means that they will come back to you and things will be just like how it was when you met because they realise this is where they truly belong.

In terms of health and wellbeing, if you’re asking about recovery from a disease, unfortunately the disease will return. Alternatively if you’re currently going through some bad times and feel like you’ve lost yourself / lost your mojo for awhile, this card means that you will find yourself again and go back to who you were before, your glory days. This is the true path.


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