Mind Your Hexagrams: 8 Alliance 水地比

If you know the old character of this hexagram, you’ll actually see two person embracing. As the name suggests, this is a card of forming Alliance and partnerships that are mutually beneficial to each other. It’s a coming together of like minded individuals to form something together. If you don’t, you need to start finding your allies and people whom you belong to. In businesses, it’s time to sought out like minded people whom you can collaborate with. If you are having some issues, reach out to a friend who is more than able to support you in more ways that you can imagine.

If the question is about relationship, the traditional text does not have nor accept females who are a man’s equal, so this was not seen as a good relationship card. But in this day and age getting this card for a relationship question is a good thing, because your partner is your equal, shares your mindset, a feeling of marrying your best friend and you bring out the best in each other – your mirror. They will be supportive of you no matter what. For singles, you attract someone who is exactly like you, so it may be time for you to reflect on some of your own lesser qualities in order to not attract them.

For wellness and health, you need to be careful of your digestive system which means whatever you are putting in to your mouth. Apart from that it can also mean a time when clarity/self confidence may be lacking. Ask your peers for advice or good health/doctor recommendations. It’s also a time to self reflect on the bad habits and thought patterns you wish to eliminate.


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