The Fan Yin Code in Relationships

Before I even start, if you’re a beginner kindly ignore this entirely. Fan Yin is a rather advanced/complex subject which is still open to a lot of discussion, debate and consideration. I consider these my own views on the subject.

I’ve gotten a number of recurring questions lately, asking me if 2 person whose Day Master Fan Yin each other can work? Like everything was okay until they found out their spouse is their Fan Yin, so what now?

For example, like this –>


This actually requires a lot of consideration and it’s not a clear cut yes/no answer because I have seen people who Fan Yin each other actually work well but you have to fit a certain set of criteria.

Fan Yin is a Heaven and Earth clash where the heavenly stem and earthly branch are both clashed/countered. This is seen as ‘killing the daymaster’ in general and is seen as something very inauspicious. Some people have it in their natal chart, you’ll notice they have a lot of highs and lows in life, You can read about it here but there are great misconceptions about it’s usefulness as well.

Since we’re only focusing on relationship, the question right now is that if you don’t have it in your natal chart and you meet a person whose DAY MASTER is your Fan Yin, can this work? Under normal circumstances, we totally discourage this but under weird circumstances it has seen to work IF you fit the criteria below:

1. No.1 Rule:

The number 1 rule actually is that the other person should not Fan Yin your Useful God. In this case the Day Master is not as important as your Useful God, especially if your Day Master is unhealthy (don’t ask me how to determine this it’s been highlighted in multiple courses). Example if you’re a Gui Chou (Yin Water Ox) DM, with the Useful God of Yi Mao (Yin Wood Rabbit), and you met a double Xin You (Yin Metal Rooster) DM like above – you should run as fast as you can *laughs*

2. Useful God

Sometimes the Fan Yin coming in IS your Useful God. Then it actually benefits you more than ruin you. In a relationship it can be draining or you have to overcome something really big to be together, so that brings us to the next criteria to see if you can take it.

3. Day Master 10 Gods

If your Day Master is sitting on EG  or 7K (or have very high EG), you’re actually more accepting to Fan Yin in general – in fact you thrive in it. So having someone who Fan Yin you, you love the chase, the thrill, the challenge and your relationship is going to be the extreme kind where either you love each other crazy or drive each other crazy, and you actually enjoy it! More often than not, there is a huge challenge you both need to overcome first, which totally excites the EG and 7K. But if you’re sitting on anything else – run.

4. Day Master Strength

Check their Day Master strength to begin with. Some are supposed to be a Fan Yin but they may be too weak to even attack u at all. Then it just becomes nothing. If the other person already has a natal Fan Yin (inward), their day master won’t be overly strong anyways, in layman’s terms this translates as someone who knows how it feels like to be attacked and usually will not attack someone else no matter what. They can kill you, they just don’t.

This is a example of a Fan Yin In chart:


There is another type of Fan Yin called the Fan Yin Out chart. People like these are naturally a bit vicious, self-centered, vindictive and they ‘kill’ even before they are being attacked or even when there’s no one attacking them. This type of chart would actually benefit from someone who Fan Yin them in return. This would be one example of an unhealthy self… BUT they are really good at making money for themselves or elevating their status using whatever it takes.


5. Yin Yang

Yin elements takes it better than Yang somehow.

6. Elements

Earth clashes (Chou meet Wei | Chen meet Xu) is always better than any other elements clashing – except in health readings, then they are all bad.

7. Keep In Check

Lastly, the Fan Yin is most favorable when it removes your worst pillar or worst element, akin to removing your bad habit and making you a better person. Sometimes YOU are the problem and someone needs to keep you in check. Exactly like how a full combine (or DE) would work, it’s just that a full combine is comfortable – heavy 7K people won’t like this. Fan Yin is challenging, exciting, driven and yes also exhausting and dangerous – which the 7K and EG/HO enjoys and calls fulfillment – playing with fire and living on the fast lane.

To be really honest relationship matters are hardest to read because anything goes. There’s no 1 fixed rule because everyone is different, everyone’s needs are different. Some like it calm and quiet, some like it supportive, some like it thrilling and some like it dysfunctional and crazy, anything goes as long as 2 person agreed to it wholeheartedly. All we can do is to help you find your flavor, and hopefully someone who will be as equally excited to agreeing it with you ♥

The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.


4 thoughts on “The Fan Yin Code in Relationships

  1. Great article and explanation about the scenario, I was wondering why am I attracted to the person fan yin pillar as to mine , it happened a few times, now I know why, thanks mindy!


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