Mind Your Hexagrams: 7 Officer 地水师

I’ve mentioned before that my Yi Jing cards are at use almost every night and last night someone shuffled the card with the question “Will I ever fall in love?’. So I made him pick a card – it was Officer, Hexagram 7.

So what can we conclude about this? Kun on Kan is a counter in so let’s start with a non-relationship context. In general this card is all about Discipline and more Discipline. In what? In thoughts, in action because more likely than not this person should be quite flaky/inconsistent (Kan inside denotes character flaws), if not they would not get this card to begin with. If you want something you have to set your mind on it and get the job done no matter what. Your emotions have no say in this matter.

In relationships, the past or the environment you were in may have created (technical savvy may want to use the word ‘contaminated’) some sort of phobia that you still carry till today – hence the character flaw that is your task to fix. Because at the moment you’re being seen as somewhat flaky and unreliable. Someone who says 1 thing and doesn’t follow through because there is a lack of discipline when times are somewhat hard. To answer the above question, the answer is Yes but only after the person learns to discipline themselves to work on removing their baggage, complete the task (with ONE person – so many Yin lines and 1 Yang line) and not bail out or refocus elsewhere halfway – in short – don’t always take the easy way out. Well, unless their idea of love is 1 man with multiple women then that works as well – to each their own 😀

In health and well being this card is still about being discipline to a fitness or diet regime that you have begun. Don’t quit halfway. This is caused by your total lack of focus and your messy string of thoughts. Learn to discipline your mind.


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