The Qimen Method: Jade Maiden Guarding the Door 玉女守门

Fatal Attraction • An attraction between an individual and someone-something that is so strong the individual lacks reason and logic in their thinking when dealing with their attraction. The subject is often someone/something that will have a negative impact on the individual.

Okay maybe it is not all that morbid but when it comes to the formation of Jade Maiden Guarding the Door 玉女守门 it can be. In this post I’m only going to talk about the Qimen Destiny aspect and not the Strategic Execution aspect of this formation. If you have a Ding together with an Envoy Door anywhere in your Destiny chart, then you have a 玉女守门 formation with you. Advanced students can determine which area you can use it for but regardless you still have it in all aspects.


Having this in your own destiny chart means extreme likability. You have an incredible ability to build a fan base, you are so likable that even your enemies will end up becoming your supporters/friends even if they do not admit it. Public figures, celebrities and influencers will greatly benefit from this formation as they are widely accepted by mass society. Also great for people to buy your ideas, forming movements and spreading your art, so to speak. In the ancient days, women with this formation has been known to cause fallen empires with emperors waging war just to win over the heart of the fair maiden.

So, having this formation also ensures that you’re never lack of suitors regardless of how you physically look like. The only problem is that there may be too many suitors, the kind that are overly attracted to you, all vying for your attention at the same time. In extreme cases this translates to stalking and obsession which is why it is not such a great formation when it comes to cultivating healthy love relationships. When a love so great is rejected or shunned, it turns into hatred – obsessive hatred – hence the fatal attraction and cause you a lot of losses and pain as well. Vicious cycle is it not? ♥



The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.


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