Mind Your Hexagrams: 19 Arriving 地泽临 ䷒

I like this Hexagram. Kun on Dui is producing in hence this hexagram is about all things that are coming soon and on the way. You’re about to harvest the fruits of your labor. It comes after hexagram 18 Poison where you’ve rectified a difficult situation and everything is well on its way to progress. It brings with it a feeling of hopeful anticipation.

If you were asking about an action plan, it’s time for you to say what is it you want to say because it will be well received by the general public. Showcase what you have, speak your heart out, make that connection with the people you want to, everything will be well received. Take that step out of your comfort zone, to something new, and you will be rewarded soon.

In relationship context, what you’ve always wanted is on the way. If you’re single and waiting then this is a great sign that you’ll find someone suitable very soon. If you’re in a relationship, any plans that you both have will come to fruition. It will be an exciting and meaningful time for the both of you. (Just to add on: if you want to put this into a sexual context it can also represent climax or orgasms 🙂 ).

In health and well being, if you’ve been healthy, things will be looking great but for those who have not been feeling very well, you are due for a check up – most likely intestinal or something more to do with the lung and bones. Spiritually it’s time to do something new, step out of the norm to increase your energy level. This is a time to be focusing on your personal growth.

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