The Problem Management Code: #3 Timing

So once you’ve already established that you are not the issue and the people you are keeping near you are not the issue, what else can be the problem?

There are so many motivational quotes out there that tells you to wait for the “right” timing, don’t rush anything, what’s meant to be will be, so on and so forth. While they are not wrong there’s also such a thing as not having the right time, for instance, having a Fan Yin destiny chart, be it Qimen or Bazi. Charts with heavy clashes also usually don’t have the right timing, there’s always seems to be a price to pay for something good that comes into their life. Then what now? Sometimes you have to accept that you will never be ready and just go out and do it.

There are also situations where you just don’t have much time. Either your Luck Pillar comes too late, you have an underlying disease or maybe someone you love has one then you don’t wait for anything – you just do what needs to be done and – this is where metaphysics comes in handy – to control, contain and handle all obstacles that may arise from doing things ahead of time.

Hence we go to the main essence of Chinese Metaphysics – the importance of Date Selection where you pick the right day (with it’s corresponding right Qi) to perform something to get the outcome you want. There are multiple methods and steps in Date Selection but we’ll just stick to the 12 Day Officers for now:

建 Establish Day: Great for starting something, kick starting something and initiating something that you can be in charge of and see through.

除 Remove Day: As the name already suggests, to remove things or bad energy patterns such as spiritual, emotional or physical cleansing, fat, to end a relationship or the best time to clear off your old stocks or anything still stacked up in the warehouse.

满 Full Day: Full days are great for gaining things. More suited to adding anything to what you already have now, there is a feeling of abundance and tilting the scale to it.

平 Balance Day: Great for win-win situations, achieving harmony and equilibrium in a situation. Negotiations are best done on these days.

定 Stable Day: A great day for things/events that will span for a very long time, and I mean a VERY long time. The energy brings neutrality so if you’re looking for a change or something to be different, don’t use this day.

执 Initiate Day: A great day to start something new. Has a feeling of restart or reboot after something that didn’t work out initially. A new beginning and a brand new project. The energy only triggers initiation but not sustenance.

破 Destruction Day: Great for disrupting the norm or to destroy something current. However it can be used for a breakthrough and to alter self destructive patterns.

危 Danger Day: This day has the ability to turn something around only if you are the initiator and not the initiated. It’s generally unfavorable for any other activities apart from plans that involve counter attack.

成 Success Day: Good for almost everything except legal issues and must not clash with your own year. Has a multiplier effect.

收 Receive Day: As the name suggests, good for receiving and be open to receiving all opportunities that comes your way. Great for conceiving as well.

开 Open Day: Also a good day for most things, launching, opening markets, opening minds, getting someone to listen to you except surgeries need to take note of possible bleeding issues.

闭 Close Day: Great for closures, closing a chapter/case or healing from the past. Not to be used to actively engage with people, they will not be receptive to you.

To clarify, this is only one of MANY steps to select a date that suits your own personal activities depending on the outcome you want to achieve. We can talk more about that next time or better yet, we have a fantastic and experienced trainer for our Date Selection Mastery course, do join his class 🙂

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The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.

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