The 10 Gods Code: How To Love a Direct Officer

Pre-Requisite: What am I? (In case you don’t know what are we looking at)

Step1: Login to :

Step2: Key in your details

Step3: Scroll down and look for this –>


** For advanced Bazi students you can look at your highest profile too, the rest kindly ignore this statement.

HTL_10Gs (3).png

Let’s face it, Direct Officer [DO]s are downright lovable. They are your support system, your cheerleader, your sounding board, your go-to person when you have problems. They listen to you without asking for anything in return. They are also very attentive to what you like, what you don’t like and already ready before you even ask for something. The only problem for a DO person is that usually no one does it for them in return because everyone else’s needs is more important than their own.

However because of this massive ability to yield, it sometimes makes them look slightly ‘spineless’ because they rarely want to be the one to make the big decisions, at least to lead the way – they need to be told what to do instead. But that being said, they are very high on morality and doing the right thing which is why they have a whole load of self induced values, principles and they stick to it no matter what. This is not linked to any decision making capabilities – if they had to make a decision, they always end up with the decision that pleases others instead of the actual purpose.

On the unhealthy side, they are definitely not proactive and it might be difficult to get an honest opinion from them because they only tell you the things that do not hurt your feelings not because of anything else but if they hurt your feelings, they hurt their own feelings too. On a battlefield, be it work or life, they retreat to their own safe place and will not take any sides if they are not required to.

In love, a DO is really easy to love because they are the ideal wife/husband material. They are supportive, listens to all your problems and tries to fix them before you even ask, provided you are the one who will set the pace, decide on both your life paths and make the big decisions. The DO will happily comply. It’s not that the DO can’t do it but they much prefer it to be done by someone they truly look up to and they will give their entire heart and soul to making it happen. What happens if both of you are DO? Take turns making the decision or set the areas where each will make their decision in and stick to it.

If YOU are Direct Officer: First and foremost you also have to realize that if you want to make a sacrifice for someone else, you cannot hold them accountable for any personal losses that comes with it. You have a tendency to be passive aggressive too, especially when your 1,001 values are challenged.  There are many ways to achieve the same result if you just open your mind to it and it’s really okay to not follow the stone cold ideals you had when it doesn’t even fit the current situation anymore. Lighten up. You also need to set the expectation upfront that you don’t really like to decide on the grand plans. You’re a natural follower and you always allow your partner to take charge and take the lead. Also don’t beat around the bush, if you like, don’t like or don’t want something just say it.

How to turn them on: The number 1 way to their heart, is to *sometimes* put them first. This will pleasantly surprise them and make them feel appreciated because their number 1 problem is being used by people, hence they secretly harbor lack of trust. DO structured females will always put their husbands first. Nothing else is more important than the husband which is why she better pick the right one. They are also natural followers but you still need to tell them everything upfront – the entire grand plan, the entire schedule with proper timing because they don’t really like midway surprises. If you want to surprise them you better make sure you’ve also prepared the things they would prepare for such situation. They can’t do anything ad hoc, well they can, provided you told them in advance that this is going to be ad hoc, then please update them again accordingly.

How to turn them off: Break your promise. Don’t keep your word. Nothing breaks their heart (and trust) more than this. If you said something, you better make sure you fulfill it. Making them break their principles – they might do it just to please you, but they will resent you for it. Do everything ad hoc without informing them of anything – drives them insanely nuts. Doing things in an improper or disrespectful manner, like breaking the rules and not conforming to certain social structure or legalities. Making them choose between mother and wife (or something similar) is also as good as shooting them in the foot.

What to buy for them: Anything to do with precise measurements *laughs* Actually flight simulation or pilot for a day adventures would be fun for them. Watches, sentimental objects, they are very heavy on sentiments. Girls with heavy DO actually like very cute, fluffy, colorful things – usually likes Pink a lot. For guys, the latest gadgets will work very well with them.

The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.







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