The 10 Gods Code: How To Love a 7 Killings

Pre-Requisite: What am I? (In case you don’t know what are we looking at)

Step1: Login to :

Step2: Key in your details

Step3: Scroll down and look for this –>


** For advanced Bazi students you can look at your highest profile too, the rest kindly ignore this statement.

HTL_10Gs (6).png

Ah….the ultimate bad boys and girls. Seven Killings (7K) are usually the rule breakers, the charismatic leader, general, go getter, always carrying that powerful aura which you don’t know if you should be afraid of them or be in awe with them. Either ways, you’ll definitely notice them the moment they walk into a room.

So, you’re in love with one? Good luck to you πŸ™‚

7 Killings are also adrenaline junkies who loves living life on the fast lane, the one that gives you the regular heart attack with their unpredictable and reckless antics. Even their driving is enough to scare you. No matter in traditional or modern society context, 7 Killings are still called ‘Problems’, they attract it, they manage it and this is what makes them fantastic problems solvers. They never shy away from challenges, in fact if you dare, try and challenge them and see what happens.

The thing about 7 Killings is that they REALLY love a good challenge. If you’re going to challenge them they are going to make sure that they beat you fair and square – losing is not really an option. On the unhealthy side, if you offend them they are also not going to let it go lightly. They make formidable enemies and when their anger is triggered can go through great lengths to settle a score.

In love, a 7K tend to like something totally different. They are the ones who most likely have a partner of a difference race, different culture, different thinking, huge age gap and so on. There’s something distinctively different between them. Hence for such a ‘fierce’ profile, they are the few ones that are actually tolerant to differences. The only issue here is that they love challenges a bit too much that the thrill of the chase is more important than the person itself. To them the partner is a target, a prize, they haven’t really thought far enough as what to do with this prize once they conquer it. So if they are not careful they can end up chasing after/insisting on someone whom they didn’t want in the first place until their interest in them totally wears out.

If YOU are 7 Killings: You are usually rash – actually very rash and you don’t think too much before plunging into a relationship as long as it triggers your adrenaline rush. So to avoid chasing the wrong person over and over again, do try to take the time to get to know them first. Either that or you just like picking the one that is ‘too challenging’, ‘too problematic’, ‘too unattainable’ that you don’t know when to stop this heroism for your own good. Being a hero for someone is good, but when it comes to relationship you need to differentiate between bettering someone and saving someone. Your partner wants you to love them for who they are, not pity them for you to feel good about yourself. You’ll also attract freeloaders that way. For women, your boyfriend/partner is the most important person to you and you’d go through great lengths, no matter how high or how low for them.

The 7K favorite past time is actually triggering your partner’s anger or just irritating them for fun (sometimes very physical too), it makes you smile and you actually find their angry look really cute but they don’t see it that way….okay?

How to turn them on: Look good. 7 Killings profile usually likes someone who looks good and presents themselves well. Blow hot and cold with them and don’t give in. Argue with them, stand your ground and don’t give in – at least not so easily. It helps if you also enjoy adventure and are an adrenaline junkie and you can take ‘heart attacks’ really well. Be interesting. Do new and fun things every other day, keep things fresh and exciting. Although they are fierce generals, they secretly harbor a need to be controlled instead of being in control because they can be extremely rash without logic, so someone who can tactfully and subtly talk sense into them is greatly appreciated, as an Eating God would πŸ™‚

How to turn them off: This is relatively easy because it’s quite easy to anger them. Bore them to death. Tell them you hate adventure or anything new and exciting. Be overbearing and refuse to follow their plans – drives them crazy. Shamelessly use them, I dare you πŸ™‚ The attention span they have for you solely depends on their interest in you. If your test their patience a bit too much they will move on very quickly as well and almost never look back.

What to buy for them: Go flyboarding with them, bungee jumping or skydiving, hike the Everest, trips to exotic places. So a rugged GoPro or outdoor gear will come in handy for all their sporty activity. Anger management kit *laughs*.

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