The 10 Gods Code: How To Love an Indirect Resource

Pre-Requisite: What am I? (In case you don’t know what are we looking at)

Step1: Login to :

Step2: Key in your details

Step3: Scroll down and look for this –>


** For advanced Bazi students you can look at your highest profile too, the rest kindly ignore this statement.

HTL_10Gs (7).png

This one is quite lovable also, because apart from the Direct Officer (DO) who knows what you want before you even say it, the Indirect Resource (IR) knows what you’re feeling even if you don’t show it. Their natural intuition and keen eye doesn’t miss much, hence their passion for figuring out how everything works and that includes those they love. They love helping whenever then can, however they can and this comes with no boundaries nor intention. They make wonderful healers, social workers, or someone in the medical field, if they didn’t use their magnificent brain power to churn data and predicting market trends instead.

The thing so special about the Indirect Resource is that they are both smart and intuitive at the same time, like somehow their DNA has been wired to have the head and heart work at almost the same ratio. So they are open minded, the ultimate wanderers, want to (safely) enjoy new experiences, observe more, see different things and absorb everything like sponge. This is what makes them feel most alive.

The only thing about them is they can be so inward that they spend a lot of time in their own world. This can translate to day dreaming or overthinking. When you’re so good at analyzing everything, you understand the risk of every single action and this can turn into fear/paranoia instead. You naturally don’t manage this fear that well and can turn a bit pessimistic or melancholy at times.

On the unhealthy side, Indirect Resource knows no boundaries hence they can be seen as eccentric, non practical, rough around the edges and also occasionally, lazy. You don’t take stress very well and the fact that you don’t like sharing your thoughts and feelings much makes this worse.

In love, what’s there not to like about a person who knows everything about you and what your change of mood means before you even say anything? They are as attentive and caring as it can get if you like that sort of thing. Because they can smother you with too much at times (with all the best intentions) but for those hardcore profiles you might find the IR a bit passive for your liking.

If YOU are Indirect Resource: Like the Friend whom are sensitive to anything jeopardizing their image, you are sensitive to just about everything. If the Friend gets offended over a comment, you will get emotionally hurt instead. This hurt is not just confined to things related to you, all it takes is a dead puppy by the roadside or someone who just shared a sob story, that’s it. You’re cute like that. You are very prone to being passive aggressive and resort to other means, like sarcasm or saying things you don’t mean to your loved ones. When they don’t get it, you get even more upset. So try to speak up more even when you’re uncomfortable. Don’t be so paranoid about everything too, sometimes you are just overthinking and it’s not even true. Remember to take care of yourself as much as you enjoy taking care of others.

This also means that you take FOREVER (if even ever) to approach your crush. You are going to regret it if you miss the boat, so for god’s sake, please take that initiative once awhile, they can’t read your mind and may not even know you like them anyways.

How to turn them on: Take note of what they like most, they will be surprised that you paid as much attention as they did. Most IR pick/pursue their partner instead of the other way round because it has to be someone who are enjoy analyzing/interest them THAT much. So I guess just be who you are, they will decide if that’s what they envision in a spouse. Learning is great too, they love anything to do with their hands, suggest some yoga, art, meditation, metaphysics, psychology classes with them and take that opportunity to spend that time together. They need that sort of time and reassurance before you even earn their trust. You need to encourage them to speak out more too, subtly. They only open up to those who can give them 3 things they crave: Trust, Comfort level and Assurance.

How to turn them off: They are the slow and steady type, so don’t ever rush them, pressure them and don’t scare them. Giving them ultimatums will most likely backfire on you. Although they do love learning and enjoying new experiences, they avoid anything with too much adrenaline rush or involves high risk. They are not risk takers. Kill a cat in front of them.. haha *kidding!!* that would turn a LOT of profiles off, not just this one 🙂 On that note, people who have no compassion, be it to humans or animals are a no-no on their list. Lie… *laughs* They already know that you’re lying anyways, so it really really upsets them.

What to buy for them: Something of sentimental value like making them a bracelet, personalized gifts, bake them their favorite cake and just a cozy dinner under the stars. Psychology, stock trading, arts, metaphysics classes, for TWO! ♥

The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.

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