The Bazi Method: How We Behave After A Break Up

I’ve been chatting with a friend lately who is eagerly trying to understand their other half better so that their arguments can be reduced to a much healthier level. I love it when people take the time and effort to really understand how their partners function and why. After all, this is the entire reason why I came up with the How To Love series in the first place. I realized in this day and age, empathy and willingness to understand someone else is continuously lacking and will continue to worsen so I consider this my effort to help everyone and anyone to find that middle ground.

So it got to a point where we were talking about how our past really CAN screw up the potential/present relationship. And that led us to talk about past relationships, ex-s and how we actually deal with them. Hopefully by understanding this, we can see some patterns that we can rectify and manage. At the very least, never let your past dictate your future and most importantly, don’t dump your past baggage onto your next great relationship. The other person does not deserve this and certainly does not want you to repeat your vicious cycles also.

So let’s see what we’re looking at today. Open up your chart:

Step1: Login to :

Step2: Key in your details

Step3: Scroll down and look for this –>


This is your Relationship Palace, so there can be 1, 2 or 3 stems. The one in Red (Main- Qi) will always dominate. The blue (Sub-Qi) are traits you also carry but not as strong as the Main Qi. So you can read them together but the Red will always dominate.

Just look at the 10 Gods to determine how you will behave after a breakup:


Direct Officer (DO): Direct officer people are quite hard on themselves after a breakup. Because you don’t understand how giving up and sacrificing almost everything for someone you love can lead to this. So the keyword is: Self-forgiveness. The other thing is don’t fall for their excuses or asking of favors anymore. Because after breakup if they come back or ask you for something, you still graciously comply out of pity or being nice and it’s a good thing that you still know how to set proper boundaries.

7 Killings (7K): When in a relationship 7 Killings people will go all out and do almost everything that can be done. Because they are warriors they are also the ones to stay to fight out every relationship issues with all the battle scars to show for even when it’s clear they should stop. So once they are done, they are really done. There is no turning back. Don’t push them to a point of no return if this is not your intention. Because after a breakup, they cut all ties and will act like the person never existed. Your keyword is to Remove Resentment.

Direct Resource (DR): After a break up, the poor Direct Resource will retreat to reverse engineer every single event that lead to the break up. Every single word, every action to analyse what went wrong. What you could have done? What if this? What if that? Relationship matters are the most difficult to analyse with logic or even common sense so don’t try to. Detach and take it as an additional lesson in life.

Indirect Resource (IR): This one… resorts to denial. Before a breakup they assume that there is no issue and after a break up they also assume the break up never happened. They take a long time to let it sink in and will still cling on to the ex, which is not a very good thing. So your keyword is Acceptance. Move on and learn from the experience. Don’t believe that you will not find the same feeling ever again or you’re setting yourself up for a vicious negative cycle.

Friend (F): When a Friend breaks up they still want to keep everyone as their friend. They think it’s okay to keep everyone around and still do the things they used to do. Their reasoning is that there should not be any hard feelings with anyone but this actually becomes a nightmare for their next partner. So your keyword is Boundaries. Create healthier boundaries with your space and time and love yourself enough to draw a line with the people who didn’t serve your best interest at a point in time. It will eat into your own self esteem if you keep doing that.

Rob Wealth (RW): The thing about Rob Wealth is that the moment they break up, all hell breaks loose. As in, the first thing they do is go out partying like there’s no tomorrow, participate in some sort of vice or they immediately move on by hooking up with the next Rebound guy/girl. The thing about getting a Rebound guys/girls as soon as you break up is that your energy is already at that level, and you’re bound to attract one that is as bad (or even way worse) than your ex. So your keyword is Solitude. Spend some time by yourself, being comfortable with yourself and in no time you’ll be attracting someone way better.

Hurting Officer (HO): Most Hurting Officers have very dramatic breakups. Their arguments can usually escalate to a shouting match as well. So when it’s over, like the 7 Killings, it’s really over. Almost all Hurting Officers sees breakups as a big blow to their self confidence so no, they won’t keep in touch with the ex at all. If anything they already deleted your number and removed you off all social media. So your keyword is: Don’t take it personal

Eating God (EG): Eating God is interesting and also scary at the same time. Because when they were in love with you they knew all the right buttons to press. Now that they’re no longer in love with you, they also know all the wrong buttons to press, just for the heck of it. So if you have an Eating God ex that you’re keeping around for some weird reason, do bear in mind that when the right time comes about, they will find ways and means to sabotage your life. Have fun 🙂 To the Eating God, please exercise: Self Control

Direct Wealth (DW): Direct Wealth people don’t take failures very well. They take it as a huge personal defeat and take an extremely LONG time to get over it. What they can’t get over is that lost of trust and not knowing what is there to trust anymore. Like the Hurting Officer it’s also a huge bruise to their ego. They don’t admit it and look like they’ve gotten over it but have not. So you need to be more in touch with your own feelings instead of lashing out through other means, to other people who don’t deserve to be lashed out on. You can turn very bitter and continuously trying to still prove you are right, so your keyword would be: Release and Let go.

Indirect Wealth (IW): Indirect Wealth people always act like it’s the end of the world – but to be fair, in their own world they do see it as over. So they lock up their hearts and turn cold towards the world as if the entire world owed them something or did them wrong. Then they pretend as if they are heartless and are okay with it like they are resigned to fate and gave up entirely. I don’t know why? So your key word is: Have Faith. Indirect Wealth usually totally give up because they don’t believe they’ll find that sort of passion anymore. You can’t be more wrong.

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