Mind Your Qi: Are You an Empath?

I love all things energy, the answers are all there as long as you are willing to listen to it. Today I want to talk about a special group of people called the Empath because I am meeting more and more of them. A lot of common people still misunderstand this term as “someone who steals other people’s energy” or “energy vampires” or I don’t know…. people who are not used to this term can possibly cook up weird witchcraft nonsense like empaths being able to suck out people’s energy like a straw, you get my drift *laughs*. I did hear someone say that last year, I was glad I wasn’t drinking something.


So what is an Empath and are you one?


An Empath is someone who, willingly or not, are able to feel the energy around them be it people, places or objects as if it was their own. Hence there is a huge problem if you do not know you are an Empath as you will not know how to separate the feelings/wellbeing of others from your own. You will also gradually take on other people’s personality. Which is great if you so happen to be standing next to Oprah, Tony Robbins or Robert Kuok for awhile. But what if you were standing next to (or living with) the grouchiest, saddest, angriest thing on earth no matter how smiley they are? You’ll suddenly wonder why you’re so upset for no apparent reason. Worst still, you take on their anger for awhile for no apparent reason. You become someone’s mirror but in a trained Empath knows how to control this efficiently and even help the upset person to solve their issues because they know exactly how they feel. I’ve been meeting more and more people/students like this. Most of them end up being our Qi Men Dun Jia students. Recently I had the privilege to have dinner with some of them who can glimpse into people’s past lives or suddenly tell you things no one in this world would know. Some find that scary but I actually find it amazing. This happened in our Taiwan excursion as well.

The best thing is that, you’d think someone like this ends up an incredibly sensitive and high strung person when in fact almost all of them are not, because most Empath end up being used or ridiculed anyways and we are fully aware of it. Being sensitive to energy doesn’t mean you have a sensitive personality, and having a sensitive personality does not mean you are sensitive to energy, it doesn’t correlate.


I’ve done a lot of studies on this to try to see if I can identify Empaths using Chinese Metaphysics. I did come up with some findings to support this although there is no 1 clear method to confirm:

  1. Having a Death and Emptiness in your Bazi chart (DE): Having a DE anywhere in your birth chart (Not luck pillars) automatically makes you more ‘sensitive’ to energy and the feelings of others, especially if that DE is an Earth element. So far, everyone I’ve asked with 2 or more DEs can see entities or have some sort of ‘spiritual gift’.
  2. Having a Death and Emptiness in your Qimen Destiny Palace: Same effect as the above.
  3. Having the Qimen Guardian of Destiny of (or high level) Surging Snake or Black Tortoise (sometimes 9 Earth too) : Both are highly susceptible to energy like they somehow have a built in radar. Both, if not controlled or made aware of this, will constantly be affected by or take on the character/energy of everyone around them.
  4. Sensitive Day Masters: While this doesn’t automatically qualify you as an Empath but if you’re any of the above + you are Gui or Ding day master that is not too strong (40 to 70%), there’s a strong chance you might be an Empath.

Awareness, meditation, grounding and cleansing is not only important, it is absolutely necessary. Certain boundaries and having alone time to ‘recharge’ are also necessary. Something like Qi Gong or Reiki also really helps in learning how to disconnect from and ground all Qi that is not yours. The people you keep around you is as important as having a clear sense of yourself so that you’re aware when you’re acting out of character. In time, you will be able to manage this way better and interact without bringing anymore energy with you.

So are you an Empath?


The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.

Qimen Destiny Chart for Strategic Execution?

Mind Your Qi is officially 1 year old today. Thank you so much for all your support and for sharing this journey with me, it has been such a pleasure so here’s a Qimen write up for everyone ♥

You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle... (2).png

I share a lot on Qimen Strategic Execution because I’m also very heavy on application. Knowing and identifying flaws or weaknesses, be it Bazi or Qimen, is only the first step. Pointing out for flaws in buildings using Qimen Feng Shui is also only a first step. The most important part in metaphysics is its application – what can I actually DO about this now that I know about it? Knowing is not enough.

In my recent video I taught you how to identify the best sectors in a Qimen chart as well as how to manifest. Subsequently a few people did ask that if they don’t have the hour/day/month chart, how can they do this?

Because today is a special day, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. use your own Qimen Destiny Chart 🙂

But of course this method is only limited to what you have and you do need to know the structures and formations you can leverage on in any chart which will be covered extensively in this weekend’s Qimen FS and SE classes.

Whenever I look at someone’s Qimen Destiny chart I always pick 3 things:

  1. Destiny: Your destiny palace
  2. Strength: Your non-destiny 7 star (if you’re a 7 star then the 6 star)
  3. Usability: The nicest structure in your chart (you may have more than 1 or overlap with one of those above)


Only in Qimen Destiny I personally do not care about the Destiny level/star as much as the person’s mentality and belief system (and no you do not need religion). It only shows what you’re born with and throughout life you can ‘level up’ on your own – meditation, qigong, martial arts, energy work, fitness training, so on and so forth. A 1 star Chief who constantly level up is better than a 7 star Chief who does nothing. But of course a level 1 Chief has more work to do to catch up to the level 7, but in time will surpass it. Get my point?

Furthermore, if you noticed by now, almost all 7 star Destiny do not use their Deity. Like a ‘I know I have it but I don’t want to use it’ kinda thing. It suddenly becomes like a 100% profile in your Bazi – unless you have a DE. Why? I don’t know? If you’re a 7 star Moon and you have all the knowledge in the world, why don’t you apply it on yourself? So it goes back to what I look at, mentality and readiness. So I’d pick the next one – 6 star.

The first 2 are easier to identify. But when you’re looking at Usability, this is where you need to pick up Strategic Execution in order to understand the formations and structures together with it’s meaning. A 3-4 star ‘Bird Fly Into Cave’ 9 Heavens may be way more usable than a normal 6 star Destiny 9 Heavens. There are so many formations in a Qimen chart – depending what you want to use it for but now we just want to see which ones you already have. Remember – I state here as Usability and not the person’s characteristics and personality. You will always behave like your Destiny palace which we will refer back at the Qimen Destiny theory taught at the end of the year.

So once you’ve identified this you can use them whenever you want – because these energies are always with you. Getting what you want from whatever you have, right? But if you need more, then do join us at our best selling Qimen Mastery classes this weekend (or at the end of the year). You seriously won’t want to miss it 🙂

How to Decide Better with Qimen Forecasting

This morning someone asked me a casual question, if they should proceed with an additional task or project. In short it’s a go / no-go question. I thought the chart was pretty interesting and wanted to share how you actually make decisions based on a Qimen Forecast.

This was the hour chart I used:



There isn’t any need to look for other Useful Gods so the Day (asker/current situation) and Hour (outcome) will do. Rule #1 of metaphysics: Always keep things as simple as possible. Do not complex-ify anything that does not require complexity 🙂 It’s pretty much a rule of life as well.



Ding (丁) Fire in the SouthEast (SE) represents the Asker. Even if you think you don’t know much about Qimen, you can already see that this a Good box – all red structures. Everything is going on very well for the asker right now, in a very ideal position (Hero), financially secured (Earth) and easy-going at the moment (Rest Door). They may not feel it yet or maybe just be restless (Not Yet Accomplished Hexagram) but the reality is as what it is. Good enough.


Yi (乙) Wood in South (S). Amazingly the destination in question was Singapore which is in the South and with a 9 Heavens (travelling overseas). The outcome is not too bad either. There is some money to be made (Life door) but there is a need to take full care of staff/students/people under your care (Grain) and there will be a number of problems/crisis (Geng) awaiting to be solved by you. There seems to be a lot of people meddling in this situation.


The palaces are producing (SE produce S) which means this is definitely the outcome you will achieved if you choose to go out and get it (Producing out). Beginner students very easily misinterpret this as ‘As long as it’s producing, this means yes, means I should proceed‘.

The answer is No. Look at the palaces again. If you’re currently in a very good and superior position, do you want to add on a task that clearly takes more effort, more problems and more solving? Well, of cos the final decision depends on the Asker’s priorities but for this chart the advice would be to stay where they are, where things are already as good as it can be.  There’s no need to take on anymore for now – Rest.

However (for Advanced Qimen student to note – beginners please ignore), if you notice the asker Ding (丁) stem is also present in the Outcome palace. There could be a possibility that the asker may not be able to get out of this task and ‘asked’ to proceed even though they decide not to. Let’s wait for the Asker’s feedback 🙂

The Tai Ji Nobleman Code in Bazi & Qimen

I had a series of interesting consults recently that made me want to write about this. The stories are rather touching, a little heart wrenching even, the kind that a number of you have also asked yourselves this same question before “Why did I have to go through (insert heartbreaking past events here)??“. The answer is always, at least my answer is always “Because you are meant for greater things“. The irony is that Wisdom… actually comes from learning how to deal with pain. The catch is you have to be willing to deal with it in the first place instead of numbing yourself.

I looked further into their charts, most has a Tai Ji Nobleman. You always hear us talk about the Tai Ji Nobleman when people ask if they can pick up or absorb metaphysics, if they have the ‘affinity’ so to speak.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 4.23.50 PM.png

If you are Yi, look for the Rat/Horse in any pillar in your chart. If it’s in your Luck Pillar then you only have this for 10 years. It denotes a strong thirst and affinity with anything metaphysics, supernatural and spiritual. (Although this is only ONE of many ways to determine this) but also preferably without a clash – e.g. Geng Tiger with also a Monkey in the chart. Usually people with this clash will denounce or reject their talents in this area which may cause them to go through even more hardship in life. The only exception is a Mao-You clash (even if you’re not Bing/Ding), this apparently triggers your 6th sense.

And I’m not saying all Tai Ji Nobleman will experience pain, no. Those pain comes from the unfavorable interactions in your chart but to have all that with a Tai Ji Nobleman, your painful experience is definitely preparing you for a bigger life purpose. Because you ARE meant for bigger things. Sometimes we are the ones stopping ourselves from our bigger goals, bigger purpose, bigger achievements by still harping on the pain, the attachments or even the greed.

Now I’m going to add on another layer. I’m going to tie this in with a bit of Qimen Destiny:

  1. You need to first identify that you do have a Tai Ji Nobleman in your Bazi.
  2. Look at what is your Qimen Guardian of Destiny (it’s in the Bazi chart plotter)
  3. If your Guardian of Destiny is:
    • Tai Ji Nobleman + Chief = The Magician. Literally like the tarot card, you have a knack of making things appear (or disappear) out of thin air. Your lifetime motto came from the Chipsmore cookie advertisement.
    • Tai Ji Nobleman + Surging Snake = The Vessel. Energy literally moves in and out of your body like a channel. Really good if you’re into Reiki or some sort of mediumship.
    • Tai Ji Nobleman + Black Tortoise = The Sorcerer. Most likely to be very into religious activities and the occult.
    • Tai Ji Nobleman + Moon = The Wikipedia. Knows every single theory there is to know about metaphysics and very likely to preach/teach them. The only thing is that they may not be good at the application.

Will only talk about this 4 for now as I want to gather more research for the rest and some deities don’t really gel with the Tai Ji Nobleman to begin with. I’ll write about the rest of the criteria that are tied to having strong metaphysical affinity soon.

How to Make The Best of Everything

No technicalities today, I just want to share 🙂

Going through 4 Fan Yin and 4 Fu Yin (actually 5-5 if you also take my Luck Pillar into account) in 1 year is never an easy thing. Only 2 normal months in 1 whole year. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE this year. It’s arguably my best year ever. I’ve been given opportunities I’ve never imagined in my lifetime and no words can express how grateful/thankful/blessed I am being amongst people I simple adore. So the highs are really high and the lows, as I’ve also learnt some months because of the Fu Yin, can get quite low. As my best friends keep reminding me, I’ve already been through so much in life what is it that I can’t handle? That is very true. So I took this year to restructure my entire life all over again. Removed what should be removed for the longest time. Starting anew. All at its proper timing.

I used all my biggest Clash months to do all my big move. I didn’t really plan it, I just thought I had nothing left to lose and I’m quite a risk taker, so I might as well experiment. The first time I ever spoke on stage, winning my aerial silk competition, the launch of my blog, my first Webinar were all on my biggest clash months. So what’s there to fear so much about Clashes? I have a Dragon in my Month, the much feared Dragon this year. Both my jobs (yes I have 2 jobs) are not only intact, I got promoted as well. Embrace change, and change will embrace you. Who wants to see Clashes now? 🙂

Now when I think of the low….. one was getting used to new life routines, the only thing I considered as a biggest low was me stupidly disclosing my personal contact last month, actually out of sincere goodwill, cos I am kind, I insist to be kind and I would not have it any other way. But it’s very normal and I have to accept that 1 out of 1000 people I meet will abuse this kindness. Only 1 out of 1000, that’s only 0.1%. If you can help 99.9% what is that 0.1? Statistically, for a Fan Yin-ful year (all 5 of them), I’m actually really happy that the numbers of these physical threats massively dwindled just by me mastering metaphysics. Only 0.1. And if I had been a little bit smarter even this 0.1 would have been avoided.

So why did I learn metaphysics? It’s to handle years like these. And not just to “handle” years like these, but to THRIVE in it. It’s to take stones that life supposedly throw at me to build my castle. A lot of things in life are never even meant to hurt you, if you can only put them all into perspective.

How you ask me? You can start by attending this weekend’s Thrive 2019 🙂

How To Train Your Grappling Hook

20181031_152428_0001.pngI am: Grappling Hook

The name itself is enough to scare you because as the outlook suggests it is an aggressive deity. Usually they are really tough and rough around the edges. Each time they open their mouth, they have every intention to start a fight or at least to agitate.

They carry a military yet exploratory mindset to everything they do and will also impose this on those around them. Like their buddy White Tiger, they are full of energy, willpower and can be a force of nature.

But the Grappling Hook has an affinity with the land, which makes them the Guardian of Ancestors. They are also really good at asset, land and property management. Trained Grappling Hooks have the ability to access past lives or have retrocognition abilities.

Training your Grappling Hook

Because you have a natural affinity with the land, you should pick up or sharpen your skills in land/asset management. You naturally have the drive to carry out whatever you put your mind on and can be quite successful in this field.

Grappling Hooks end up being really good healers or doctors so you should pick up some conventional or unconventional healing like aryurveda, homeopathy, reiki, qigong, etc, etc. Learning about botanics, herbs and alternative medicine is also something that will enhance your deity.

You can also pick up Past Life Regression or Akashic Records techniques (not too sure how many types are there around), some of access to memories like hypnosis, which you can in turn help others to access into their past, or you access on their behalf.

Grappling Hooks can be prone to inactivity, so you have to consciously put in the effort to utilise your abilities if you want to.

Using Your Grappling Hook

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the Grappling Hook:

  • The thing about Grappling Hook is that you need to go out to pick up these techniques and physically use them. You probably can ask the Hook (or Moon) to guide you to where you can learn this, or gain insights about your ancestors but other than that, there’s not much command you can put in to the Grappling Hook

How To Train Your 9 Heaven


I am: 9 Heaven

The visionary extraordinaire blessed with the gift of foresight. They are able to visualise/foresee something way before it happens. Having a 9 Heaven around you can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your acceptance to shock and their level of happiness. Cos they can just describe something out of the blue and if it’s something good then great, but if they’ve always been negative and it’s something bad, you better start running *Laughs*

Makes you wonder if they’re almost psychic.

Almost all 9 Heaven carries a very courageous, authoritative yet charismatic vibe. They make really good leaders not only with the vision to match but also bold enough to execute it. They always manage to drive a company or even themselves to match the vision they set for themselves. To the point of foreseeing any setback way in advance and tackling it before it even has a chance to appear. Who doesn’t want a leader like that?

Most 9 Heaven end up very successful because of this gift. They are always 1 step ahead and this will forever give them an extra edge over others. But because of these leadership qualities they can also be rather forceful and forthright which may or may not sit well with others.

Training Your 9 Heaven

Since whatever you visualize comes true, you better make sure you find any and every method to keep yourself upbeat so that you only see positive outcomes. The moment you swing to the negative and you continue in that pattern, you’re not going to have a very comfortable life. Like the Chief, do cultivate positive thinking and do not cling on to anything that turns you negative.

9 Heaven is about having faith. Seeing something that is not there while knowing it WILL happen takes a lot of belief and faith, especially when it may or may not happen overnight. This is what ultimately differentiates a good and a not-as-good 9 Heaven. The more faith and belief you have, the much more powerful your 9 Heaven becomes.

Good 9 Heaven are also very sincere, very righteous and they have this thing about needing to take care of the wellbeing of those around them. Not-so-healthy 9 Heaven tend to be very suspicious, totally denouncing spirituality, critical, overly skeptical and because this is how they see life, this is what they will attract into their life. Choose which type of 9 Heaven you want to be and start seeing yourself that way. How you see yourself will ultimately determine your quality of life.

9 Heaven also has an affinity with long distance travels and should always try to travel as much as you can. The more they see, the wider their perspective, the better the Deity.

Using the 9 Heaven

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

I have no commands for the 9 Heaven because you need to VISUALISE the outcome you want. For instance, if you want that new job, you have to imagine yourself driving to work, walking up the lobby, to the office main door, passing by the company logo down to your seat and being tremendously happy being there.

If you have a dream car, visualise yourself driving it down to its color and interior finishing. If you have problem visualising, just hang a poster of it on your wall or save it as your phone/laptop wallpaper.

If you lack faith, maybe you can visualise yourself being more spiritual and being more open to certain differing views.

Use your own imagination 🙂