The Human Connection: Filter Your Date Under 5 Minutes


One of my good buddy accidentally signed me up for a fancy Singles dating party next month, I had only wanted to attend the after party. When I saw it I freaked out …. because I’m an absolute introvert ( which I like to mask with my snobbish Gui Water face, hehe ) that even talking to strangers previously would give me an anxiety attack.

So while I got myself out of it in relief, I thought if you ever went to something like this, HOW should you equip yourself? Even with knowing metaphysics, plotting someone’s chart every 5mins just doesn’t seem very practical nor does asking for a stranger’s birth time in such setting look very sane.

So here’s some very quick tips:

Read The Face – What to AVOID:

Speed dating gives you a very good opportunity to stare closely at someone’s face for a good 5mins. There are so many things you can see in face reading at but we are short of time. Within 5mins, I think these are the more obvious parts that you can quickly notice without looking like a psychopath yourself. *laughs*

  • EYES: The eyes are the window to your heart and soul. So clear, bright eyes are a good start. No red lines with clear demarkation of the white and black of the pupils is good. The whites of the eyes must not be visible above and/or below the pupil. This denotes an emotional imbalance in personality.
  • Bigger eyes are more open minded, expressive and somewhat more naive and straight forward. The smaller the eyes, the more cunning/secretive they are.
  • BROW: You want to avoid those with protruding brow bone and very deep set and dark eyes. These are usually very aggressive and emotionally unstable people.
  • NOSE: If your aim is more towards financial stability, look for fleshy nose with fleshy nose tip/wing. Nostrils can partly be seen but not too much. This means they are still willing to spend their wealth with you.
  • LIPS: The thicker the lips the more giving and generous a person is. But the top and bottom should be equal. If the bottom lip is significantly thicker than the top, it denotes Lust and that the other person just wants to get into your pants. Well unless you came to the event for this particular objective, this will be your best indicator.


If you still think you’re not that confident at spotting facial features and you don’t want to be all awkward, maybe the next trick is better for you:

Qimen Strategic Execution

Open up the hour chart, it changes every 2 hours anyways, ample time to set up your snare. Look for Life door, Scenery door (Rest door if you have lustful intentions), stand/sit the entire night with your back facing that direction. Don’t budge. We could streamline the entire strategy further but to not confuse the beginners I will keep this simple for now. For more advanced Qimen users, overlap it with the Harmony deity, good Stars/Stems if possible.

Happy Dating! ♥