How To Train Your Grappling Hook

20181031_152428_0001.pngI am: Grappling Hook

The name itself is enough to scare you because as the outlook suggests it is an aggressive deity. Usually they are really tough and rough around the edges. Each time they open their mouth, they have every intention to start a fight or at least to agitate.

They carry a military yet exploratory mindset to everything they do and will also impose this on those around them. Like their buddy White Tiger, they are full of energy, willpower and can be a force of nature.

But the Grappling Hook has an affinity with the land, which makes them the Guardian of Ancestors. They are also really good at asset, land and property management. Trained Grappling Hooks have the ability to access past lives or have retrocognition abilities.

Training your Grappling Hook

Because you have a natural affinity with the land, you should pick up or sharpen your skills in land/asset management. You naturally have the drive to carry out whatever you put your mind on and can be quite successful in this field.

Grappling Hooks end up being really good healers or doctors so you should pick up some conventional or unconventional healing like aryurveda, homeopathy, reiki, qigong, etc, etc. Learning about botanics, herbs and alternative medicine is also something that will enhance your deity.

You can also pick up Past Life Regression or Akashic Records techniques (not too sure how many types are there around), some of access to memories like hypnosis, which you can in turn help others to access into their past, or you access on their behalf.

Grappling Hooks can be prone to inactivity, so you have to consciously put in the effort to utilise your abilities if you want to.

Using Your Grappling Hook

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the Grappling Hook:

  • The thing about Grappling Hook is that you need to go out to pick up these techniques and physically use them. You probably can ask the Hook (or Moon) to guide you to where you can learn this, or gain insights about your ancestors but other than that, there’s not much command you can put in to the Grappling Hook

How To Train Your 9 Heaven


I am: 9 Heaven

The visionary extraordinaire blessed with the gift of foresight. They are able to visualise/foresee something way before it happens. Having a 9 Heaven around you can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your acceptance to shock and their level of happiness. Cos they can just describe something out of the blue and if it’s something good then great, but if they’ve always been negative and it’s something bad, you better start running *Laughs*

Makes you wonder if they’re almost psychic.

Almost all 9 Heaven carries a very courageous, authoritative yet charismatic vibe. They make really good leaders not only with the vision to match but also bold enough to execute it. They always manage to drive a company or even themselves to match the vision they set for themselves. To the point of foreseeing any setback way in advance and tackling it before it even has a chance to appear. Who doesn’t want a leader like that?

Most 9 Heaven end up very successful because of this gift. They are always 1 step ahead and this will forever give them an extra edge over others. But because of these leadership qualities they can also be rather forceful and forthright which may or may not sit well with others.

Training Your 9 Heaven

Since whatever you visualize comes true, you better make sure you find any and every method to keep yourself upbeat so that you only see positive outcomes. The moment you swing to the negative and you continue in that pattern, you’re not going to have a very comfortable life. Like the Chief, do cultivate positive thinking and do not cling on to anything that turns you negative.

9 Heaven is about having faith. Seeing something that is not there while knowing it WILL happen takes a lot of belief and faith, especially when it may or may not happen overnight. This is what ultimately differentiates a good and a not-as-good 9 Heaven. The more faith and belief you have, the much more powerful your 9 Heaven becomes.

Good 9 Heaven are also very sincere, very righteous and they have this thing about needing to take care of the wellbeing of those around them. Not-so-healthy 9 Heaven tend to be very suspicious, totally denouncing spirituality, critical, overly skeptical and because this is how they see life, this is what they will attract into their life. Choose which type of 9 Heaven you want to be and start seeing yourself that way. How you see yourself will ultimately determine your quality of life.

9 Heaven also has an affinity with long distance travels and should always try to travel as much as you can. The more they see, the wider their perspective, the better the Deity.

Using the 9 Heaven

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

I have no commands for the 9 Heaven because you need to VISUALISE the outcome you want. For instance, if you want that new job, you have to imagine yourself driving to work, walking up the lobby, to the office main door, passing by the company logo down to your seat and being tremendously happy being there.

If you have a dream car, visualise yourself driving it down to its color and interior finishing. If you have problem visualising, just hang a poster of it on your wall or save it as your phone/laptop wallpaper.

If you lack faith, maybe you can visualise yourself being more spiritual and being more open to certain differing views.

Use your own imagination 🙂

How To Train Your White Tiger


I am: White Tiger

White Tiger governs everything and anything about physical energy, willpower and strength. Almost all White Tigers enjoy some sort of sporting/physical work out activity because they have tireless stamina. You’ll probably encounter 2 very different types of White Tigers as I have. The one that is really active, love sports, eats well, well articulated and honorable. And the other that is lazy, unhealthy, overly aggressive/rebellious, easy to anger and enjoys creating unnecessary fights. The really bad ones have no problem inflicting physical or emotional pain on others just as they have no problem taking on a lot of pain themselves.

But one thing’s for sure: All Tigers carry a sense of righteousness, they will fearlessly stand up for what they think is right and not back down without a fight. This trait is very admirable or can be considered as stubborn, depending how you want to look at it.

Training your White Tiger

A White Tiger is meant to be strong, fearless and they carry a respectable aura that should cast a bit of fear. So if you’re going to roar, you better roar with substance. Every Tiger should try to be as knowledgeable as possible, at least in the matters that are important to them. This enables them to fight for genuine causes instead of following the sentiments of others without understanding why.

A White Tiger in it’s highest form is able to brighten up an entire room or change the entire energy to motivate others. This makes them fantastic trainers, fitness instructors and motivational coaches. Aggressively pushing someone to their limits while inflicting pain, haha. In which would mean that the Tiger have to first push themselves to their own limits, to be extremely (mentally and physically) fit themselves, in order to train someone else. In it’s lowest form, they can also darken an entire room and demotivate everyone. You choose.

Most Tigers I know are marathon runners, martial artist (at least some sort of active sportsmen/dancers) and they really excel it in. It allows them to further train up their stamina, persistence level and gives them the discipline they need. Furthermore all Tigers must find a healthy outlet for their excess energy. If they don’t, they end up very restless, very lethargic, very agitated and end up unleashing these pent up energy on big arguments instead.

Using the White Tiger

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the White Tiger:

  • “White Tiger, command me the strength and energy to complete this marathon/competition/last lap with ease”
  • “White Tiger, give me the discipline and willpower to start my fitness regime/lose weight program”
  • “White Tiger, boost up my energy to last the whole day (assuming you are really tired and lack sleep prior to this)”
  • “White Tiger, give me enough commanding presence to collect my 6 months unpaid rent/debts from person X”

How To Train Your 9 Earth


I am: 9 Earth

The first thing you notice about a 9 Earth is that they are really patient and compassionate to boot. They are usually more soft spoken, poised, humble, warm hearted and they carry an air of matriarchal/ patriarchal wisdom that makes anyone feel safe around them.

People with 9 Earth are also blessed with financial mastery. They know how to manage their finances well and has an affinity with great financial opportunities, including a good eye for property and land.

There are plenty of scientific studies done online where it claims ‘earning more means caring less’, or the richer you are the less compassionate you become, and yet the 9 Earth is the exceptional who manages to strike a healthy balance.

Training Your 9 Earth

The first thing you need to have is financial mastery. A good 9 Earth is one who knows how to amass wealth and then keep attracting it. Cos the funny thing is that most 9 Earths I know actually went through certain sort of training, either from life experience or from picking up the subject before they can really make use of their 9 Earth to it’s full potential. Money didn’t just fall from the sky onto their lap.

Because 9 Earths can be a bit too hesitant. Sometimes they can be overly passive and defensive as well. On an unhealthy side, they can be the total opposite: selfish, doubtful, miserly, scheming and confused which is quite understandable for someone gives a lot but ends up being used. But if they stick to this defensive mindset, they in turn end up attracting something else. Sometimes they can be a bit stubborn as well, so it helps to loosen up a little.

Even though they attract financial abundance, the ultimate fulfillment of a 9 Earth is actually giving back. Most of them end up as healers of some sort, at they very least they spend a lot of time and effort in charitable organizations. They are the ultimate genuine givers and here’s a universal secret: when you genuinely want to do something to help the universe, the universe will make sure it backs you up as well. The universe is awesome like that ♥

Using the 9 Earth:

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Someone requested that I add in some key commands to manifest, in case they are not sure of what to ask for:

  • “9 Earth, show me how to increase my income by 20% by this year”
  • “9 Earth, please show me the way to financial mastery/freedom”
  • “9 Earth (or Surging Snake), guide me to the best property I can get my hands on”
  • “9 Earth, find me someone who will fund my next project (or find me an trustworthy investor)”
  • “9 Earth, guide me to financial freedom so I can use my time for charity/healing/etc”

How To Train Your Black Tortoise

I am: Black Tortoise

The first impression you get from a Tortoise is that they are extremely cheeky. Like Loki in Avengers, mischievous, sneaky, secretive, dangerous, treacherous, yet so convincing with that cheeky endearing smile, you don’t know to hate or root for him.

Loki is probably the poster boy for all Black Tortoise. The master magician, shape shifter, always trying you psyche you to buy their world domination ideas with their boyish /girlish sweet charms. You’d never know what hit you. They tend to always look for shortcuts and can be quite lustful.

Therefore the Black Tortoise is the reputable God of Mind Control. They have the ability to subtly make you believe what they want you to believe, make you do what they want you to do, EXCEPT on the Chief. They have no effect on the Chief, much like Magneto’s helmet *grin*

How to Train Your Black Tortoise

I thought for quite awhile on how to train this, because by nature if you have a strong Tortoise, you’d already be shamelessly using it by now. And that can be a pretty dangerous thing to unleash out there. And while I was going through all the keywords it was all so negative that I’m not sure how to articulate *laughs*

So let me try.

Black Tortoise to start with, are highly sensitive beings. Like the Surging Snake they can feel people, they feel everyone’s emotions and wellbeing, which also makes them empathic. The high level ones can pick up someone’s emotions just by standing next to someone. If not trained, this weakens the Tortoise as they become overwhelmed with everyone’s thoughts and feelings and turn to escapist behaviour. Awareness is one way to protect yourself, some sort of energy training, Reiki, Qigong, energy healing techniques are also good for your own protection.

That being said, a lot of Tortoise are instead drawn to the dark arts, mysticism, superstition or some occult. Without judging, that is your choice as long as you understand the movement of energy and the repercussions of all actions.

Tortoises are blessed with the gift of persuasion and are very adaptable to all situations. While this makes them somewhat manipulative and scheming, they have a knack for using very ingenious or unconventional methods to achieve a particular result. It also makes them great problem solvers and unconventional thinkers. If you’re not, then you need to be. Always be articulate and learn as much as you can. Psychology is a good topic for you to pick up.

They are also the masters of the popular technique “Fake it till you make it”. While it may or may not make them seem fraudulent, they are extremely good at promoting or showcasing an impressive outcome while actually still working on it behind the scenes. Fantastic if you’re in the advertising or marketing scene.

I would think the best Tortoise are the ones who uses this sort of power of influence to, since it’s very closely related to the Phoenix, spread messages, spreading encouragement, spread life force, spread positive movement because only the Tortoise has the power to command an entire room to sit down and listen with anticipation. I think every Tortoise can go both ways and constantly sway in between. Which way you choose to go is ultimately up to you as long as you do remember the repercussion of your actions. You’re blessed with the power of immense influence and you decide how you want to use it.

Because as mentioned in my relationship webinar, you can’t keep Tortois-ing a loved one every single day expecting them to love you forever. In certain matters, even the force of your Tortoise cannot compare to the principles of free will, of affinity, of yin and yang, maybe that is why it only appears for half a year. So while you can use it to attract someone who you think is out of your league initially (or to open doors), you need pure substance to actually form a lasting relationship.

Using the Black Tortoise

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the Black Tortoise:

  • “Black Tortoise, make me (or someone else) a better person and remove all negative thoughts from my mind”
  • “Black Tortoise, make me quit smoking”
  • “Black Tortoise,, the entire room (or the interviewer or future Mother-in-Law) will pay attention to what I’m saying and will think that I’m awesome”
  • “Black Tortoise,, the entire room will be filled with positivity and everyone will be upbeat.

You can use your own creativity and extend them to your own needs 🙂

How To Train Your 6 Harmony


I am: 6 Harmony

The moment you meet a 6 Harmony they are usually very amiable, pleasant and enjoy striking up a conversation. They just seem to know anyone and everyone and how they meet these people really baffles you. Most 6 Harmony have multiple cliques and all sorts of friends, all that they can relate to on every level. 6 Harmony are always in charge of all things love, relationships and communication. On an healthy level they are cheerful, flexible and calm. On an unhealthy level, they tend to have multiple personalities and lack of self identity.

Training Your 6 Harmony

All 6 Harmony should love to network as they should be making friends very easily. They are always called to be the mediator or the middleman as they have a knack of bridging everyone together in an amicable way. Even in a tense situation, they are the best at bringing everyone together for a greater cause, bringing every conflict to a halt by coming up with a win-win solution.

6 Harmony naturally has an affinity with meeting with really beneficial people, people of stature, people of a similar cause and then bringing them together. So they make really good networkers. They just miraculously know where to find these people. So you should always be out and about meeting new people.

If you ever need help, need assistance, you can always summon the 6 Harmony to find you one.

If you find that you are not fulfilling your role of the ‘peacemaker’ you will find that life will keep putting you in uncomfortable situations until you decide to take on the role.

As you govern love and affinity, you should learn how to spread love by being cupid to your friends. You somehow know how to bring two people who are right for each other together and they will be very thankful to you for it ♥

Using the 6 Harmony

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the Harmony:

  • “Harmony, find me the best investor for my business expansion”
  • “Harmony, find me the best people for my business”
  • “Harmony, find me X,Y,Z criteria kind of candidate/mentor”
  • “Harmony, keep my family harmonious, peaceful and happy”
  • “Harmony, find me (or your friends) a worthy partner”

How To Train Your Red Phoenix

I am: Red Phoenix.

There’s something about the name that already sounds so majestic and cool 🙂 The whole inspiring story about Phoenix rising from the ashes. Or that it’s the most powerful X-Men (and a female, mind you).

So in Qi Men, Phoenix works a little differently from X-Men but in my opinion still one of the most powerful deity, as there are only 3 miracle manifesting Deities, the Chief and 9 Heavens, who summons and visualizes anything into existence. The third is the Phoenix who speaks everything into existence. So whatever you say comes true! Hah!

Phoenix in Qi Men governs the power of speech. They may or may not be talkative but they do love a good conversation, like a debate or a good exchange of opinion. Depending on your perspective on this matter, the person may seem witty and articulate or argumentative and vile in speech. Most Phoenix, if left untrained, tend to have nothing nice to say.

Training your Phoenix

If you haven’t noticed, not everyone has the Phoenix in their destiny chart. This is because the Phoenix, together with buddy Grappling Hook, replaces the Black Tortoise and White Tiger for half a year. So you need to wait for the Phoenix to appear in the day/hour charts in order to use them. That would be around the end of November up to June. The rest of you can use the one in your own destiny chart.

Phoenix must learn the art of articulation because they are already a natural in speech delivery. Because they enjoy debating so much, they are quite intelligent to begin with. If you’re not, you have to make sure you are. At their very best they are extremely persuasive, witty, energetic and commands a huge presence. At their worst, they are also extremely good at using this to argue, gossip, spread rumors and speak ill of others. Choose your Phoenix wisely. Your words can kill or your words can build.

That being said, the next thing a Phoenix needs to learn is the art of self control. Although it works absolutely best when you’re angry you need to understand the repercussion of your own words. Like cursing a crazy driver who cuts into your lane because whatever comes out of your mouth comes true. They may deserve it but you are solely responsible for the “curse” and malicious energy you set on another human being. It will come back in some other form so you might as well just let the universe handle those petty things.

Have you seen those old ladies under a bridge in Hong Kong hitting photos or some object with slippers while apparently cursing your petty people? I think it’s called Villain Beating or 打小人. She’s very likely a strong Red Phoenix. Don’t do it. Don’t go down that road, Phoenix should be classier than that. Be the majestic X-Men, not the roadside roast goose.

Because it actually takes the same amount of effort to use your words for the nice things. Like speaking what you want into existence, speaking what your loved ones need into existence, helping others, spreading messages, spreading love, spreading encouragement because only the Phoenix has this sort of gift in gab and the sort of influence to make things follow through.

Using the Red Phoenix

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the Phoenix:

The difference here is you don’t even need to call out to the Phoenix because all you need to do is form any sentence and it verbally comes out of your mouth.

  • “I will strike the lottery” (Hahahaha!! you can TRY this but don’t blame me if it doesn’t happen okay)
  • “I will have more patience, a better person (or anything else you want to add in)”.
  • “I (or person X if you’re wishing for others) will get the job promotion/opportunity”

I think you get the gist of it. You can form your own commands responsibly.