The 10 Gods Code to Startup and Career Weaknesses

Career and business is something I enjoy analyzing as well, I think this is the easiest for me in my Business/IT consulting line to monitor and accumulate statistics based on the amount of different companies and industries I have worked for, with my entire circle of colleagues changing whenever I move projects as well. No matter my colleague, ex-colleague or clients, I came to the conclusion that a lot of people actually wanted to know if there were even doing the right thing in the first place. Personally I place more importance in a person’s skill set before I take note of the industry. To me, if you’re not even doing the right thing there’s not much point being in the “right industry” as well.

I shared a bit of this in my previous Smart Money workshop where I helped you identify you own strengths and weaknesses to ensure you’re in the ‘path of maximum returns’. We also call this the ‘path of least resistance’, where things are easier.

When the wind is with your sail doors open wider and opportunities show up faster. We all agree with that. There’s also a smaller percentage who goes against this, doing everything the hard way and be equally successful. Right now, we’re determining the easier method. Riding with the wind rather than against it. Both gets you to the destination in different time and speed.

So regardless of what you want or where you want to be, you still need to know where you are at the moment and what you’re lacking to get there. And it’s not that hard at all.

Go to your own chart, scroll all the way down to look for this:

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 3.55.41 PM.png

Now, not only we can identify your personal strength and weaknesses, but if you’re a sole business owner, start-up enthusiast, you can even identify the “blind spot” or potential problem areas in your business.

Anything 0%, anything 1-20% and 95-100% (rough estimation – don’t be so anal. 1-2% difference is not going to make you any much better or worse okay) is your Weakness. The top 3 after that is your Strength.

In the example above:


  • Rob Wealth
  • Direct Officer
  • Direct Wealth
  • Eating God

Strength (the next top 3):

  • Friend
  • Indirect Resource
  • Direct Resource

(Anything 100% without a DE is something you’re likely to be overconfident in. Like owning 10 luxury cars and hardly even using one. Hence we see it as a weakness)

Got it?

Natal or Yearly? In some years you suddenly find yourself given the opportunity (or less opportunities) to work on certain skill sets. Whether you take it up or not, is entirely your choice. So I prefer to look at Natal.

The Strengths are all written in most of your notes. So let’s go to the Weaknesses instead, this would be what is missing or at an unhealthy state:
Missing 10 Gods:

  • Friend
    • Lacking confidence, problems with creating turn key solutions, problems with partners.
  • Rob Wealth
    • Problems with building team and team motivation, unhealthy corporate culture. Not launching fast enough.
  • Direct Resource
    • Not understanding what the market wants, not enough market study done.
  • Indirect Resource
    • Lacking help and resources, if this is missing it just means you need to do a lot of things yourself and without much guidance.
  • Direct Officer
    • Lack of direction and focus, lack discipline in seeing things through. Problems with the daily operations of the company.
  • 7 Killings
    • Unable to solve people’s problems as they expected, also lacks harnessing/perfecting one skill set and lack the ability to make difficult/sharp decisions.
  • Direct Wealth
    • Unable to manage company finances. Unable to cut/save cost. Unable to manage nor delegate entire operations/staff/finances.
  • Indirect Wealth
    • Problems with company vision. Unable to raise funds or get funding. Problems with measuring everything
  • Hurting Officer
    • Problems with company branding to pull in the crowd. Lack staying power.
  • Eating God
    • Lacking long term planning, lacking creativity and evolving ideas. May have issues with the product you’re selling. Unable to design and create. –

You actually don’t need all 10 Gods to be present although the aim here is to help you to be aware of all the potential problem areas. Instead having less makes a person simpler, clearer and less complex enough to make quick calculated decisions.If there’s really something lacking that you think you need, there’s always 3 solutions:

  1. Pick it up yourself (assuming you need it, ignore it if you don’t)
  2. Hire someone in your company with that ability.
  3. Sub-con it out to someone else.