The 10 Gods Code: How To Love a Direct Wealth

Pre-Requisite: What am I? (In case you don’t know what are we looking at)

Step1: Login to :

Step2: Key in your details

Step3: Scroll down and look for this –>


** For advanced Bazi students you can look at your highest profile too, the rest kindly ignore this statement.

HTL_10Gs (16).png

Most Direct Wealth (DW) will swear that they don’t really bother much about relationships and it’s all about building their wealth, securing their future and all but as I’ve observed, this is not very true.

If a female Direct Officer profile is very husband-centric, this would make a male Direct Wealth profile, actually very wife centric. Hence for the male DW, their wife is the most important aspect in their life. It’s tied to their financial stability as well, so there’s no one without the other. If one part is unsatisfactory, the other follows as well, vice versa. For a female DW, it still doesn’t run off that far as both male and female only seeks for one most important thing in a relationship – safety.

In love, they are as awkward as awkward can be. The only issue is they are not as expressive as their counterpart Indirect Wealth and not as creative and sensual as the Eating God, not as charming as the Hurting Officer or 7 Killings. So what does that leave them with? Their trustworthiness – except their trust is extremely difficult to earn. The irony is that, their intense need for safety and stability is the exact same thing that drives them to think that they will not get it because for some reason they attract partners who are as clinical, cold and calculative as they portray to be. They want so much trust that they don’t believe anyone out there is worth believing either – because their ‘modus operandi’ is just that – I will not open up my heart to someone until I’ve tested and weighed everything that they are ‘safe’. When you operate that way, you attract someone like that as well – with a closed pragmatic heart. Asking them for a heart-to-heart talk would literally kill them *laughs*.

If YOU are Direct Wealth: I don’t even know how to put this mildly because DW profiles do have the highest unsolvable relationship issues – but a relationship does require patience and whenever possible some fun and togetherness, not a function to serve as a mean to your end or at least don’t make people feel that way when it’s not really want you want. You tend to say you don’t place importance in relationships only because you are not comfortable nor know how to express your feelings effectively – so you hide in this cold, nonchalant, aloof exterior like you don’t care. You’re so afraid of taking the risk that you always end up with the ‘safe choice’. This is most important for the male because the quality of your relationship will determine the quality of your financial state. You can’t separate these two aspects. You should also use the word ‘I’m sorry‘ more often.

How to turn them on: They are rather bossy, which is why they also get along well with the complying Direct Officer or Direct Resource. One orders – one comply, one lead – one follows. They say they’re not into that whole relationship thing but the one thing that lights them up is the feeling of being appreciated. They do and sacrifice a lot for their loved ones, their one and only issue is self-expression and they also expect you to see this for yourself. So it would be nice to be acknowledged and appreciated for all their efforts. They are also very result oriented, so if you say you’re going to do something, you better make sure you do it. After all, they have already proven a lot for their loved ones.

How to turn them off: Break their trust – they can turn quite bitter over unfortunate relationships experiences – hurts them right to the bones no matter how they deny it. Being overly spontaneous without a proper plan or schedule. Try disrupting their schedule and see how irritated they can be *laughs*. Taking the lead or initiating something – unfortunately most plans have to sit well with them first before it can be executed, so your understanding is needed here. Being wishy washy because they like things fast and to the point.

What to buy for them: Abacus (I’m kidding). Something practical, functional and lovely, like a gold chain or a nice watch β™₯


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