The Problem Management Code: #2 Other People (a.k.a. Petty People)

Another favorite topic we get often is Petty People.

Once you’ve identified you are not the issue, there are certain scenarios where the theory ‘You attract what you are’ doesn’t apply and petty people is one of it. The higher you climb, the more petty people you’re going to have. The more successful you are the more haters you’re going to get. The stronger your cause the bigger the opposition. So on and so forth.

And you do get to choose if you want to blend in or stand out. There is no right or wrong here.

Sometimes you even attract people who reflect the areas you refuse to fix within yourself. Like finding a helper-cum-assistant who does the most parts you should be doing yourself and because of this, you are at their mercy and have to succumb to whatever they want even when you’re paying them. This is the difference between hiring someone who helps you and hiring someone who will make a fool out of you and does not have your best interest at heart. I also call these – Petty People.

But first let’s identify what causes you to attract petty people:

  1. Strong and unfavorable 7 Killings
  2. Unfavorable Hurting Officer (HO)
  3. Jia / Bing / Wu / Geng stems in the Month Pillar have higher chances
  4. Cascading Cloud
  5. Yin Sha
  6. White Tiger
  7. Five Ghost
  8. Hook Edge
  9. Robbery Sha

I will write more on these Shen Sha / Auxiliary stars later, for now we just want to identify if we have it or not. The thing about Shen Sha is that it can be used both ways – to put it mildly, if you were never a bitch, that particular year/luck pillar is definitely training you to be one.  Survival of the fittest so to speak. But what if you are like me and made a vow in the Taiwan Excursion to never turn like these people if and when you meet them?

Then what?

You’re right, you need protection. In Feng Shui you can continuously activate the Sun sector throughout the year (North in 2019) on good dates of course. This will not only bunk up your own Qi tremendously but attract the help of a lot of noblemen.

Activating the Nobleman and Likability sector of your home is also an alternative. A little help is always good in times like these.

In the cases of my IT colleagues who travels a lot and are never home, Qimen is their best bet. In Qimen it’s all about what you want to do and what is the outcome you want to achieve because it’s all about strategy.

  1. Subtle Mode: So if your plan is to peacefully convert all your enemies and nay-sayers back into your supporters, use the Jade maiden guarding the door
  2. Attack Mode: If you plan to expose conmen who deserve to be exposed or idiots who reversed a situation on you or to shed light on any wrongdoing that needs to be seen, you also need to be picking good Qimen dates – your best bet is the 3 Noble Rising:3NR.JPG
  3. Defense Mode: If your plan is to just remove all intentional obstructions to get back what has been robbed away or taken away from you, use the Double Deception. This will get you back on track. That would be the Yi/Bing/Ding in Rest/Life/Open door with 9 Earth. If you notice that after doing this all your opportunities miraculously reappear then you’ll know that you’ve been intentionally sabotaged the entire time. Another thing to note is that if you want to use this, you better make sure you’re quite pure-hearted and are sure you are the victim, because if you’ve been attacking others all the while and use this, it will backfire on you.

There’s more that I do love to play around with and have shared with clients who came in for consultations to use. Some formations are not meant to attack but gives you enough protection or defense to just be left alone doing your own thing. Sometimes, that is all we want. I believe anyone can continuously thrive without destroying anyone else in the process and that should be the way, but maybe it’s my Chief speaking ♥

Happy Trying!

The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.

The Problem Management Code: #1 Yourself

The very first step to solving any problem is… fixing yourself. And by fixing yourself I mean that you need to first, able to be in better control of your mindset. You’ve heard this phrase many times – The problem is not the problem, the problem is your view of the problem and this is extremely true.

This is the hardest yet most crucial step – admitting that WE are the problem. Have you ever realized that a lot of problems could be less of a problem if we just reacted differently? Have you ever realised that our baggages, past hurt and trauma that are conveniently swept under the rug shapes every single decision you’re going to make in life? Have you realised that everything is solvable the moment you don’t see having problems as a problem – perception is key.

Like I’ve had people coming to me asking how to get rid of their petty people all the time. My first question is are the petty people your boss? People who make crucial decisions on your career path? If no, why is that a problem and why do you react so easily to it? Do you want to get better? Climb higher? Earn more? Yes? Then it’s just going to be more and more petty people the higher you climb. So since you don’t like them very much, shall we not get better and don’t climb the ladder? Well, you decide who dictates your life then.

Another good example is when we’re talking about relationships, especially when you’ve just broken up. There are Five Stages of Closure: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and lastly Acceptance – which means forgiveness and letting go. And that means understanding that you may never understand why things happened the way they did and it’s okay. And you can’t get closure from any other person, only from yourself. There’s this really great guy I know whom I always ask why is his heart totally closed. He has been refusing to open up to deal with that wound and put it to rest.

This is an important step before embarking on any new relationships to those who just got out of one. We tend to attract our own energy patterns at that point in time and if we came out of a relationship distrustful and angry, if every partner was a cheater, if every partner refused to commit, guess what partner you’re going to attract next? And the next? And the next?

Yeap, exactly like that one.

And you know what happens when you don’t heal? You push all those people who genuinely love you away because your energy naturally repels and you keep those who keep using you. Do you know how much a person needs to love you in order to put up with your lashing out, being paranoid, being mean, being rude, being sad and the worst part of all, watching you be so unkind to yourself over something not very worth it. And you pushed them all away because you truly don’t believe you deserve them.

So how do we break out of this? People with high Eating God percentage are much better at solving problems, in fact they don’t even see problems as problems. In Qimen you can use the Chief with the Rest door (the higher the star level the better). Very much like the formation I just posted a few hours ago that looks like this:


Sit there and manifest (here if you don’t know how) – that “I will release and heal from all past experiences, the past will no longer define me and I will hereon only allow all events to grow me, nurture me, increase my energy and shape me into the better person I am meant to be. I am full of life and I look forward to all things that are for my greater good

It may look so simple and easy. But everyone overlooks this very important step because it is painful and it takes a bit of time. So I dare you to try 🙂

Aerial Silk (3).png

The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.

The Bazi Guide to Office Politics

Recently I’ve had a number of friends come to me about work matters. Not so much about the work opportunities but more about the frustrating work environment. Then I keep seeing this Facebook Ad on my feed about dealing with unbearable office environments like an Evidential Occurrence for me to write about it, haha. The common term used these days is – Toxic Environment.

My Consulting colleagues will agree with me that being in the consulting industry for so many years we change offices or countries every other year, sometimes every other month and being able to work in, work for, be a part of the highest conglomerates down to the smallest factory, we have the opportunity to observe everyone’s different working culture – from the worst conditions right up to the best ones.

I don’t really like to use to word Toxic because one man’s poison is another man’s meat (or treasure so to speak), so anything that makes anyone uncomfortable is just a mismatch of energy. You either like the energy or you don’t. For example many years back I worked in quite a big local company whom I cannot name that has a culture of writing official emails that are filled with 4-letter words to the IT team. Even in their meetings, they have a habit of using belittling terms or throw things (including food) at people around the meeting table where you need to pick them up and smile. I’m not sure if you want to call them Toxic, because everyone else finds it normal, everyone else finds it acceptable. Then anyone who finds this unacceptable will in fact, be the one called Toxic. So I’d just like to term it as an energy mismatch.

Maybe an egoistic man will have an energy mismatch with a team full of female leaders? Maybe a highly intelligent person will have a mismatch in a team full of intellectually-challenged people? Maybe a no-nonsense person will have a mismatch in a team full of people with misconduct… so on and so forth… you get my drift.

So how do we fix this? Usually there is nothing to fix – if you’re uncomfortable just leave. Unless you were brought on board with the sole purpose of changing this culture by the management, you can’t do much about it except be aware and stay out of the warzone as much as you can.

We can do this in Bazi by foreseeing what’s to come and that is by looking at your Bazi MONTH pillar. Since I’m used to changing companies/projects every other month or year I only look at the annual Shen Sha. But logically, let’s survive one year first and we’ll see what we can do about the next year later, fair enough?

Firstly, there are 3 stems that are *more* inclined to dabble in office politics, so generally if your natal chart Xin, Yi or Geng percentage is quite high and without Death and Emptiness you have a higher tendency to be the one playing some sort of politics at your workplace.

After a few discussions with my esteemed apprentice buddies we decided the best way to look at Office Politics is still using Shen Sha (Auxiliary Stars).

So if you’re born with General Star / Fui Kong / Kui Gang 魁罡 – 庚辰、壬辰、戊戌、庚戌 (which is my next post), you’re quite a natural at playing politics to begin with. Your crude and ruthless character at work also naturally draws enemies to you. Even more so if you have a natal Cascading Cloud, which is the Geng Chen 庚辰.

Thirdly, would be a year of Harm interaction, which would be those with Monkey year/month for this year, you’re likely to be faced with betrayals – you can narrow down the details by looking at the 10 Gods.

For the rest of you, open up your own chart and scroll to this area:


Just look at your Month pillar for all work related matters. Year if you want to see if your clients/customers are the ones giving you trouble. You can totally ignore the Day and Hour for this topic.

So the Shen Sha (Auxiliary Stars) to warn you of impending politics entering your life for the entire year would be – the more you have the more intense it will be:

  1. Cascading Cloud 流霞
  2. Five Ghost 五鬼
  3. Curled Tongue 啳舌
  4. Back Poking 指背
  5. Yin Sha 阴煞
  6. White Tiger 白虎
  7. Entangling Hook 勾絞
  8. Piercing Rope 贯索
  9. Robbery Sha 劫煞 (I still consider this cos it still shows competition taking what you have)

They range from rumor mongers, harassment, slander, betrayal, frenemies, competitors, robbers, jealous co-workers, attackers, opportunists and saboteurs. Some can even plot your downfall and put you in jail. If you want to narrow down the people involved you may check the 10 Gods.

My theory is very simple: If you have whatever I’ve mention in your natal chart, then you might be the one doing it. But if it suddenly comes in from the Annual Pillar, you’re more likely the victim of it.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of playing dirty politics and I’m quite known in my industry for this stand as well. But then again I’m also not against anyone who uses it as their ladder to success – if you need it I’d still advice people to use it. So to each their own and to the rest (especially all those with a Gui this year)…. protect ourselves 😀

Mind Your Emotions: Wood and Anger


Everyone gets angry sometimes. For some people a lot of times. Some look like they need anger management classes, like me a very long time ago haha. So there is a reason why the Hulk, one of my favorite superhero, is in Green because incidentally Anger is governed by Wood. If your Wood is extremely strong in your natal chart plus you have a Hai-Mao-Wei (Pig-Rabbit-Goat) somewhere in your chart and you’re born in Spring, then it’s an overload. This is a Hai (Pig) year, the odds of having this 3 Harmony suddenly formed is high.

When your Wood (Yi 乙 or Jia 甲) is about 80% and above, you are naturally quite easy to anger. If you’re >90%, you have anger issues. Ironically the 100% ones reverse themselves automatically and becomes docile. If it’s in Death and Emptiness (DE) even better, then you don’t even care about what makes you angry to begin with but will need to be careful when the DE is filled – your tolerance level suddenly drops. The reason for this anger is always attachment. When you’re too attached to an outcome, a plan, a person and you’re not receptive to letting go, like it’s not even an option. Maybe you’ve invested so much in something but it doesn’t work out, or an expectation of reaching a certain goal or plan that has gone wrong, maybe you’ve been slandered or had to take the blame for no apparent reason, you still need to let it go.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Wood governs the liver network and the nervous system. So if you’re one of those with a 90+% Wood in your chart, you’d notice by now that each time you lose your temper you not only get a headache, but you increase the production of your gastric juice which subsequent gives you big stomach issues – indigestion, bloating so on and so forth. This is because when the Wood is too strong, it attacks Earth (stomach, spleen). Overly stimulated Wood can also cause nerve problems and anxiety.

Having 0% Wood does not mean you don’t have anger issues. It’s almost like saying you don’t even have a liver to begin with so 0% Wood people, in terms of anger, are very good at hiding their rage until the Stems actually appear. Another thing to note is also that if it’s your useful god, you’re going to realise that every time you get angry you become most productive.

From the face, note their brow bone – also governed by Wood. If they have brow bones that obviously protrude out of the head like a prominent speed bump, especially with a strong jaw, they can be full of hidden rage which can get out of hand, even if they smile all the time.


The Self Identity Crisis Code – Bazi Day Masters

Self identity is a crucial thing. It determines your self awareness, self belief, self image, self acceptance, personal values so on and so forth. A person who lacks this can cause a lot of chaos in other people’s lives as much as their own. In short, you don’t know who you are.

For example, if your sense of identity is not strong you’d always be comparing yourself with others because you always think you are not enough. This makes you lose out on a lot of opportunities. On extreme cases you may even create mountains out of molehills thinking people are talking about you / competing with you / taking advantage of you when actually they are not. In their own world, ironically the self is rather inflated yet in a negative way that they need to disrupt everything and anyone around them to overcompensate. I’m sure you have met people like that before. The really extreme ones will go on a crazy rampage to grab all opportunities at all cost because in their own mind everyone else are out to get them.

Having no sense of identity also means you will end up mimicking others and your character sways with whoever you are with at that moment. Not knowing who you are or where you stand means just that, you have no stand, no belief, flighty, lack resilience and end up being not very trustworthy and reliable either. If you trust no one, it’s very difficult to have anyone trust you either.

So there are a number of criteria to this:

Your DAY MASTER stem is Doubled AND is not rooted to a Companion star ON THE DAY STEM.

YES –>

Bing not rooted here.


NO –>

This chart has a double Gui, but rooted in the Day. Rooting to the Hour can be the next alternative as it represents the mind. As far as Self identity is concerned, you don’t fall into the extreme.


This is also rooted to Companion:


This is also a NO. Day Masters only and there are no double Geng.


Some stems are better than others (only on the Heavenly Stem). It’s still bad, just not as bad – in your own natal chart:

  • Jia don’t like seeing another Jia.
  • Yi is okay with more Yi,
  • Bing cannot see another Bing.
  • Ding can see more Ding.
  • Wu is uncomfortable with another Wu.
  • Ji is very okay with more Ji.
  • Geng seeing another Geng starts the swordfight.
  • Xin is envious of another Xin.
  • Ren and Gui are okay with more of each other, in fact they interrelate.

Rooted elsewhere other than the Day master also gives a self identity crisis, because they end up mimicking their friends for comfort and end up just like whoever they mix with.


Furthermore there is a clash:


The chances of this person having bipolar or split personality disorder is pretty high especially if not rooted. But in short this person has a total different personality in public and at home. Who he/she is a total opposite of what is portrayed and since there is a lack of self identity, values and belief here, this person has no issue bending their personality or doing whatever it takes to suit whatever their friends demand. All in the name of a false sense of belonging or feeling good.

Add on: The self esteem issue only gets worse if your natal chart Friend Profile is at 100% (with no DE) too or extremely low. This will bring out the negative side of the Friend Profile.

Petty People or Nobleman?

The Mathica Band.jpg

Petty people.

This past month, whenever I meet friends, clients, students, they always ask me about this. Even in last week’s consultation, the client asked ‘How do I stop these petty people?’ I have a very standard answer to this predicament:

  1. You only have petty people when you’re better in some way. Do you not want to be better?
  2. You only have petty people when they want something you have that they don’t. Do you not want it?

Petty people can sprout out of anywhere. There can be so many reasons why one person can unnecessarily dislike another person. I’m sure we all agree, sometimes we are the issue. Like certain annoying character flaws or the way we speak or your energy just doesn’t gel.

But a lot of times we may not be the issue. Like when you’re capable and given more responsibilities or a promotion. Or you’re in a competitive environment where everyone’s vying for the same thing. Maybe you’re naturally different and you don’t fit in? Maybe you spoke the truth? Even silly things like when you don’t reciprocate someone’s feelings and you have to face their wrath. Or someone just not liking someone’s ‘face’ without even getting to know them. Not sure how is that considered a valid reason but yet it still is considered a ‘negative energy interaction’ – petty people. Everyone wants to be the judge but no one wants to be judged.

My views on petty people also changed tremendously. In my younger days, like everyone else I get extremely upset and affected, which is exactly what they want. Meeting and seeing so many people now constantly makes me assess further, how insecure does one person have be to always be envious of another or resort to unjustified back biting or taking extreme measures to make sure another person loses out on something. What used to make me upset is now turned to a mixture of understanding and pity. On some level I try to think how and why a person would resort to being a petty person. This is not definitive but one small indicator is when they have their day stem (or day master) doubled somewhere in the birth chart. This indicates someone who is deeply insecure, lacks self identity and constantly monitors/compares themselves to others. They find it difficult to be happy for others but does not necessarily make them a person who would resort to doing such petty things unless the perpetrator has the next indicator, a Cascading Cloud somewhere in their birth chart. Next check their Hurting Officer level. These indicators have to coincide and it should only be a cause for concern if either one of you also have a Harm and Destruction.

As for you……

Traditionally, the book says having substantial 7 Killings in your chart is a sure way of knowing you have a lot of petty people. This general rule is true. But there are rare scenarios where the 7 Killings turns favorable, which would mean you have a lot of extremely powerful nobleman at your disposal. You just need to thread more lightly as when crossed, they still can, literally ‘kill’ you. Also, the more people talk about you, the more famous you become. In this era, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. You actually need people who just won’t shut up about you especially if your job depends on it.

Another way to identify petty people is when you have a Five Ghost 五鬼 appearing in your chart or from the annual pillar (only for 1 year). Next Pig year anyone with the Rabbit in their chart (including luck pillar) has this.

It is also possible that you are confusing your Nobleman as your petty person. There are some idiots put in your life to give you an extremely hard time, but turns out you became better because of it. Like an interviewer who was mean, harsh and closed your door only to have the job of your dreams offered to you right after. Think back on how many times someone’s ‘No‘ lead to the best outcome ever.

But personally, regardless of Petty people or Nobleman, ANYONE who brings you any sort of discomfort should be seen as someone who ultimately makes you better. It overlaps. Always thank them and then send them off with love. Don’t take things so personally. Most times anyone’s reaction to you is just an outburst of them dealing with themselves. Furthermore, you’re better than that ♥

The 3 Harmony Code

Let’s talk about 3 Harmony or 3 Combination. This is something we like to see in anyone’s chart because it works like a booster to amp up one particular element in your chart, strongest when it’s all next to each other. Not only does it denote opportunities pouring in from all directions and the chance of forming business partnerships are high, someone recognizes your talents and decides to invest in it. You will also never be short of a helping hand.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 11.07.00 AM.png

Having 2 out of 3 of the elements form a Half-Combination. Opportunities are still there but is still lacking one last component. The moment the last element appears (in Luck Pillar, Annual, Month or silently pushed out), the whole project comes to completion. It works the same for Relationships too, like you’ve just found the last piece of your jigsaw puzzle.

  1. Tiger-Horse-Dog [Yin-Wu-Xu] forms Fire
    • In general this denotes a sudden boost of willpower, a sudden boost of ambition or life purpose, increased passion or a sudden interest in spirituality and enlightenment. The fire element in your chart will be powered up, what this means to you will depend on which 10 Gods it represents in your chart.
  2. Snake-Rooster-Ox [Si-You-Chou] forms Metal
    • In general this denotes a sudden increase of stability. Your views change to be more practical and realistic. You will tend to chase more material-based opportunities in life and will take the necessary actions to achieve it. The metal element in your chart will be powered up, what this means to you will depend on which 10 Gods it represents in your chart.
  3. Monkey-Rat-Dragon [Shen-Zi-Chen] forms Water
    • In general this denotes that you find yourself seeking wisdom. You are suddenly more curious about things and will take the time to acquire certain knowledge. You also find yourself more sensitive to your surroundings and ponder about life’s mysteries. It may or may not make you more emotional. The water element in your chart will be powered up, what this means to you will depend on which 10 Gods it represents in your chart.
  4. Pig-Rabbit-Goat [Hai-Mao-Wei] forms Wood
    • In general this denotes an increased need for growth. You suddenly want to step up your game and acquire anything that will elevate your current status. You will also feel like picking up a new skillset/knowledge, be it artistic or scientific, as long as you feel that it makes you better. The wood element in your chart will be powered up, what this means to you will depend on which 10 Gods it represents in your chart.

A few examples would be:

  • DW/IW: Wealth/Money making opportunity increases. Business start ups. For men, meeting their potential girlfriend/wife
  • DR/IR: Learning curve increases tremendously. Intuition increase. Money making ventures through knowledge sharing, coaching.
  • HO/EG: Money making ventures through speaking, creative pursuits, intellectual properties, selling ideas, increased influential power.
  • F/RW: Money making ventures through networking and sharing. New found self. Joint ventures, partnerships.
  • DO/7K: Increase status, climbing ranks. Increased authority and execution power. Supply Chain. For ladies meeting your spouse.

There is one catch though, you need to be able to take it. Traditionally this is not so great for “weak” charts because either you don’t even recognize opportunities when you see it or you are unable to cope with stress by nature. The lack of confidence always makes one lose opportunity. This in turn makes the combination “unfavorable” until you decide to suck it up and see it through. So will you?