The Human Connection: Filter Your Date Under 5 Minutes


One of my good buddy accidentally signed me up for a fancy Singles dating party next month, I had only wanted to attend the after party. When I saw it I freaked out …. because I’m an absolute introvert ( which I like to mask with my snobbish Gui Water face, hehe ) that even talking to strangers previously would give me an anxiety attack.

So while I got myself out of it in relief, I thought if you ever went to something like this, HOW should you equip yourself? Even with knowing metaphysics, plotting someone’s chart every 5mins just doesn’t seem very practical nor does asking for a stranger’s birth time in such setting look very sane.

So here’s some very quick tips:

Read The Face – What to AVOID:

Speed dating gives you a very good opportunity to stare closely at someone’s face for a good 5mins. There are so many things you can see in face reading at but we are short of time. Within 5mins, I think these are the more obvious parts that you can quickly notice without looking like a psychopath yourself. *laughs*

  • EYES: The eyes are the window to your heart and soul. So clear, bright eyes are a good start. No red lines with clear demarkation of the white and black of the pupils is good. The whites of the eyes must not be visible above and/or below the pupil. This denotes an emotional imbalance in personality.
  • Bigger eyes are more open minded, expressive and somewhat more naive and straight forward. The smaller the eyes, the more cunning/secretive they are.
  • BROW: You want to avoid those with protruding brow bone and very deep set and dark eyes. These are usually very aggressive and emotionally unstable people.
  • NOSE: If your aim is more towards financial stability, look for fleshy nose with fleshy nose tip/wing. Nostrils can partly be seen but not too much. This means they are still willing to spend their wealth with you.
  • LIPS: The thicker the lips the more giving and generous a person is. But the top and bottom should be equal. If the bottom lip is significantly thicker than the top, it denotes Lust and that the other person just wants to get into your pants. Well unless you came to the event for this particular objective, this will be your best indicator.


If you still think you’re not that confident at spotting facial features and you don’t want to be all awkward, maybe the next trick is better for you:

Qimen Strategic Execution

Open up the hour chart, it changes every 2 hours anyways, ample time to set up your snare. Look for Life door, Scenery door (Rest door if you have lustful intentions), stand/sit the entire night with your back facing that direction. Don’t budge. We could streamline the entire strategy further but to not confuse the beginners I will keep this simple for now. For more advanced Qimen users, overlap it with the Harmony deity, good Stars/Stems if possible.

Happy Dating! ♥



How To Manifest Like a Pro

Qi Men Dun Jia is one awesome subject, especially for those with tricky birth charts where you get stuck at selecting activation dates or there’s just no ‘right luck pillars’ or it’s too far a wait. You will see the most life transformation happen using Qi Men because if you have a life you feel you have limited control over, you are now given the remote control.

Personally, it made me grasp the concept of how energy or Qi works and gave me better understanding to how this is the core to everything in metaphysics, in Qigong, in Reiki, in Akashic Records, soul/sound healing, in water molecules, in life. Everything in life is just a matter of how you respond to energy. Manage the energy patterns around you and you will better manage your life.

In layman terms, Qi Men is an energy map that changes every 2 hours based on planetary movement/alignment of the stars and mother earth. When you look at energy, always look at it as fluid as the air you breathe. If you’ve seen an Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), you’ll get what I mean. There is no instant on or off switch, there is no clearcut color separation. Just a matter of how everything flows together at any given hour.

*Photo taken from my ex-colleagues, Henrick Lim

The last component we are going to make use of, is Man (or WoMan if you please). You. This is why metaphysics is never set in stone. The key ingredient needed to truly live out your destiny, is YOU.

So ok, we know Qimen is great, HOW do we use it?

First things first, I have to tweak your belief system. While you are not required to believe entirely, you do need to be OPEN to all possibilities no matter how impossible it sounds. I’ve been there. IT Consultants are all logical thinking skeptics *grin*. I think it’s not too much to ask and something everyone can agree to do for now. Just be OPEN. Okay?

So assuming you’re given a fantastic configuration and its direction, in this example, back face East:

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 3.22.38 PM.png

There are plenty of formations that one can use for multiple reasons which is extensively covered in Qimen Strategic Execution course, this is only 1 of them.

There are 2 known manifestation methods and you can choose the one that fits you better; Passive and/or Active.

  1. Passive Manifestation. The thing about Passive manifestation is that it’s more comfortable (and easy) for those with prior meditation knowledge and you understand the concept of being in Alpha State, the state of Nothingness. It can range from seeing/feeling a lot of things to just feeling very relaxed. Sit with your back facing awesome direction, tap into the energy using whatever practice you are familiar with, and ask. You’ll most likely know when you are in the right spot. When you’re done, always say thank you and if you’re using Chief, try to end it by saying your friend’s wishes comes true too.
  2. Active Manifestation. Not everyone is comfortable with the passive method and not everyone can count 64 backwards without a hitch. So if you can’t there’s no need to force it. The best manifestation ever is to go out and make it happen. Travel towards awesome direction, set your appointment, make your important phone call/send your emails with back facing awesome direction, have your interview back facing awesome direction and then wait.

If you want to use whatever is in your own Destiny chart instead, you don’t have to be too anal with the directions. You are the Aurora remember, the entire spectrum runs within you. Just call out to the specific Deity before you ask and you’re all set.

Next I need to set your expectation.

  1. It may or may not happen overnight. Some people are better at it than others because of their trained belief system. So be patient. The bigger and more detailed your wish is, the longer the wait. Some big ridiculous wish I manifested actually took 6 months.
  2. Things may or may not appear so obviously. Like if you asked for money. Instead of striking the lottery (why does everyone try to wish this??) you may instead be approached or given great financial advise by someone you bumped into while going to the Magnum 4D shop. Stay OPEN to the signs.
  3. Lastly, as Spiderman says, “With great power comes great responsibility“. Energy is not above the law of physics. It’s Yin and Yang, it’s cyclical, hence you always have to find ways to keep the good energy going by paying it forward/some reciprocal effort on your part. Do not wish for the fun of it and then reject/mock it when it appears. Cos if you wish with bad intention, bad shall be returned in some way. If you wish good, good is also returned. As easy as that. Respect Energy and use this gift responsibly.

Awesome. Now you’re a Pro! Happy Manifesting! ♥

How To Love A 壬 Ren

Okay, this I can’t write too long because 壬 Rens are really practical. They don’t have that much patience either, all water people have no patience. While the Ocean may look still but underwater activity never stops.

So the keyword to loving a Ren, is be Practical. What do you want/need. Cut to the chase. Chop chop. If they want you, they get you. End of story. So if you’re into dreamy fairytales then Ren may not be for you. If you love Korean dramas the Ren is most likely not for you too. Even hand holding sometimes seems too much to ask from them. But don’t let this calm demeanor fool you. They ARE emotional. Like I just mentioned underwater activity never stops so they have a vast, wide, deep set of emotions right down to the abyss that may never see the light of day. You’ll probably only get to know 20% of your beloved Ren in one lifetime.

They have so much feelings that even they themselves fear the depths of it, so they mostly pretend they have none. They disguise this with practical jokes, sarcasm and actually they make really great and witty conversationalists. But when it comes to their loved ones, they just don’t deal well with those feelings nor have any idea how to express them efficiently. They are absolutely caring and big hearted, so big that they don’t know what to do with it sometimes. So don’t get overly mushy with them, they can’t deal with it. Don’t get too clingy or pry too much into the depths of their ocean either, they get really uncomfortable. All water people need their space and their privacy. You don’t want to cause a tsunami do you?

壬 Ren Water [combine] 丁 Ding Fire

Ren are naturally attracted to the gentle, soft-spoken and elegant. Someone who is rather sacrificial and tireless, most importantly create the warmth that the cold Ren so craves for. Be inspiring as well, Ren admires someone like that. Ren also secretly loves to be noticed and have someone who sees their true worth. They tend to hide all their great wisdom until someone decides to shine a ‘light’ on it. Having a burning light keeps the Ren focused as well. Water moves absolutely everywhere if not given a focus point or a driving force. If left alone they just wander aimlessly as the wind blows and tide changes.

How To Love A 庚 Geng

庚 Gengs…… I like Gengs, they are exceptionally interesting and I have a lot of good Geng friends. While I used to be really afraid of being direct with a Geng in regards to their character, I soon realized that they actually KNOW it. They just hate admitting it to anyone. It’s as painful as stabbing them in the thigh *laughs* They are mighty regal swords after all.

Male Gengs are the embodiment of alpha males and the females are usually the most elegant (and strong) characters I know. All Geng carries charm, charisma and they are surprisingly dramatic. It’s really difficult to not fall back in love with one when you become the person of their choice. They never take no for an answer and will do whatever it takes. That’s when they really become the most charming and sweetest person on earth.

While the females take a bit of their time, the male Geng are VERY hasty which is why almost all of them will idealistically rush into a marriage much earlier in life regardless of how well they know the partner, which unfortunately makes them statistically the one with the highest marriage problems. There are 2 types of Geng: one very easily swept into the whole romance without understanding what they got themselves into. And the other one who only believes in starting a family as soon as possible with the earliest available option. This first option may or may not be right for them.

Gengs have one problem, they don’t really think they deserve love. Especially if they’ve been previously burnt. They almost never leave bad relationships because they have this weird belief that they are made for these sort of tough love and that it’s a challenge to take on. So maybe, just maybe, the harder you make their life, the more they ‘enjoy’ it? That’s what the theory says, Ding to shape the Geng but personally, when it comes to relationships, I think the hardest character is always the most emotionally fragile. Which is why for someone so tough and sometimes rough, they are pretty sentimental and take it very badly when their relationships fail.

庚 Geng Metal [combine] 乙 Yi Wood

This alone tells you that there’s only 1 method, that is the SOFT method. Never ever try to openly challenge your Geng Metal sweetheart unless you have a death wish. That is the fastest and most efficient way to ensure a breakup. Geng always falls for the damsel trick even if you’re a male damsel. While I’m not saying all Yi’s are damsels but Yi’s are known for getting what they want in the softest way possible. So while this is a warning to the Geng for knowing your other half before you commit, this is also the most efficient way to get the clueless Geng.

But this article is about loving a Geng, not tricking a Geng.

Long story short, there are no big tricks, my personal opinion is to love them with all your might, unconditionally. There’s this weird thing (which they will never admit) that when you love and believe in them so much they actually perform way above their own capabilities. How you express this love though takes a bit of skill as well. You have to make them feel challenged, motivated yet in the softest way possible… not all that easy eh?

They really love to talk, they are usually the loudest and life in all parties so it helps that you are their most reliable sounding board. Unfortunately it only works one way because they aren’t good listeners in return.

They are naturally attracted to someone attractive, gentle, charming and most importantly someone pretty flexible with just about anything (meaning someone who give in a lot). They also want someone who is dependent on them that they can provide for, making all the external battles they face on a daily basis all worthwhile. Admire them, appreciate them and be the one they can turn to to nurse their battle wounds.

As a Geng told me while I wrote this longgg article, the answer only lies in 3 words, “Just Give In” *laughs*

How To Love A 丙 Bing

Bing Fire is literally the Sun. Which means they get up consistently at 6:30am and go back to bed at 7:30pm. Which makes them rather…. *(boring)* I mean stable and predictable… hehe ♥.

Almost all my best friends are Bing (they have an affinity with 癸 Yin Waters being the only 2 element in the sky) and they are the most warm, selfless, funny, reliable and always there when I need them the most. They would do anything for me (as I would for them) and never refuses to lend a helping hand, even when you never asked for it. So how do you love a Sun? Or rather how can you NOT love the Sun? The one thing that has infinite source and never needs anything in return?

Here’s the trick, actually they do 🙂

The Sun is so predictably boring, I mean stable (*hehehehehe*), that they will somehow be attracted to someone different, someone unpredictable who lives out life the way the Sun can’t. They love to learn things, to hear about things out of their comfort zone, so be interesting, be fun, be engaging BUT you always have to know when to go back to them and be by their side. It gets lonely up there all by themselves, feeling very misunderstood. They also have a tendency to sulk when they are ignored. They end up turning up the heat till absolutely no one can ignore them anymore. So cute.

That being said, the Sun can be somewhat high and mighty as well being the highest element up there and all. So you better be a little worldly and match them intellectually. They crave intellectual stimulation as much as they can. They also give so much that people sometimes forget to thank them. So don’t take them for granted and a little appreciation shown really goes a long way. I don’t think that they ask for much anyways.

They have one problem though, that is once they are in a relationship, they are stuck to it regardless of how bad the relationship becomes. This form of loyalty is fantastic when the relationship is a good one but they tend to not know when to call it quits when in a toxic relationship. I know this because I have a lot of Bing friends who refused to leave bad relationships or they just cling to it for far too long. Now I don’t know if it’s still called loyalty or just total unwillingness to get out of a steady routine or is it just their rigid perception that they can no longer move in a new direction?

丙 Bing (Yang Fire) [combine] 辛 Xin (Yin Metal)

Bing Fire combines with a Xin Metal. Very naturally, good looking people attracts Bing Fires. It helps that you carry yourself really well and can converse about anything fun, meaningful and interesting under the Sun (pun intended) because they just love listening to it. Keep them on their toes, keep them intrigued. Bings are also the most lustful of all signs and loves to please and be pleased in the bedroom as well.

When it comes to relationship Bing Fires are in for the long haul and will rarely waver until absolutely necessary, if even at all. All they ask for in return is some appreciation from the one they love and to know all their effort was worthwhile ♥

The Clash Code

Heraclitus said ‘The only thing constant in life is Change’. Clashes are just change, the ones that you already saw coming. Like a dead end relationship you knew was going to end or a company restructure everyone’s been talking about for months. Something coming in to shake your very foundation. How it impacts you solely depends on the foundation you have been building and if it even supported you in the first place.

Technically, a Clash happens when two opposing animal signs meet. Their traits, characteristics and elements are in total opposition causing the energy to not be attuned to one another.

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 2.58.15 PM.png

Monkey [Yang Metal] clashing Tiger [Yang Wood], so on and so forth, except that Earth always clashes Earth.

Clashes are exceptionally useful to those with heavy Earth. Anyone who has ever tried to date a person with heavy Earth can tell you how annoying it is to not sense any sort of reaction or progress from the other person. Does she like me? Does she not? Did she appreciate what I did or planned? Is everything ok? Not ok? Her answer will always be a 1 word ‘OK’ (which may not be an OK!) and you hyperventilate and feel like strangling yourself.

Don’t strangle yet, just try clashing it. Suddenly there is movement, there is reaction and you get answers that you may or may not like but at least you got answers. The same goes to other areas in life. If you’re stagnating, you’re going to like seeing a clash. Even if you’re not stagnating, it’s about time to step up your game, the universe is forcing you to anyways. Like that VSS your employer informed you of 3 months ago? The more prepared and equipped you are, the faster you’ll rebound. However if you have been unemployed for 3 months, your chance is about to appear.

The only thing we really need to look out for in a Clash is your health and for Growth stars, you will be shaken, lose your focus which may cause you to be careless when it comes to personal safety. So if you’ve noticed certain recurring issues, do keep an eye on it during a clash.

Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end. There’s really nothing to fear about it because the greatest fear in life would not be of change, but of regret…

‘You Had Me At Hello’ : The Relationship Code

Happiness is when you see your own friends being really happy. Recently 3 of my friend’s love lives suddenly kicked off. All 3 of them have had their own difficult past and I’m actually really happy to see that it all worked out well.

So for them, I actually used 3 different methods:

1. Bazi:

Person 1 is a divorcee and was pretty skeptical about the whole dating thing when someone interesting came into the picture. So I used the exact same Bazi analysis I used in the eloping story *laughs* that I’ve briefly covered before:

  • Day master replication/combination: When their day master appears in the other person’s chart or there are multiple combinations between 2 charts.
  • Keep in check: When one person’s chart takes away the problem area or Nullify clash or Death and Emptiness of the other person’s chart.
  • Balance: She has elements that he doesn’t and he has the ones she doesn’t.
  • Same journey: They have the same patterns in their birth chart.
  • Completeness: When you put their chart together they form a 3 Harmony.
  • Useful God – Self explanatory.
  • Red Matchmaker – When one or both are in their Red Matchmaker Shen Sha luck or are each other’s Red Matchmaker.
  • Sexual Compatibility: Explained here.

The logic of doing this checklist is that, the more factors you match, the more likely you are to stay together when life gets tough (clashes).

To date, they are dating and happily in love.

2. Feng Shui:

Person 2 has been single for about…. 8 years. Everyone he has met after his last relationship were either women unwilling to commit or just plain unsuitable in character or chemistry. He casually asked for help many months back. For him, I checked his peach blossom direction, got his house plan and told him to clear the area making sure it’s not only clutter-free but as aesthetically pleasing and as comfortable to spend time in as possible. He also got some fresh flowers and placed it there for quite awhile. I also quietly used the next method after this. He is planning his wedding as we speak.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 5.54.11 PM.png

3. Qi Men Dun Jia

Person 3, broke up 2 years ago and occasionally rants about being single (and sexless) her whole life. I gave her a few ideal Qimen configurations to manifest. Incidentally, earlier in the year there was a really good and strong Deity Force direction. Whenever I see this, as Chief myself, I end up manifesting for my friends because it’s about 10 times more potent. Person 2 and Person 3 magically met their partners about the same time and are very much in love.

Yay! ♥