The 10 Gods Code: How To Love an Indirect Wealth

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You (in fact everyone) would know when an Indirect Wealth (IW) is in love. They go all out, heart on their sleeve, relentless at pursuing the person of their desire. Like a missile locked on their target they can and will do (or sacrifice) whatever it takes, nothing is too great for their loved ones and nothing much can stand in their way. This trait is what makes them great market leaders to begin with.

Indirect Wealth are the trailblazers, pioneers, kick-starters and go getters. They entire personality is wired that way hence they make really good business(wo)men. They don’t take ‘No’ for an answer and will break down walls if they have to just to achieve what they set out to do. Very much like the 7 Killings, except that one is very adrenaline charged yet reckless and the other passion charged yet measured and focused. If I were to give an example, I’d call the 7K a cannonball and the IW a motion guided missile. Either way both are very charismatic, charming, awe inspiring and carries a powerful disposition.

That being said, the difference with Indirect Wealth is that, everything is passion and vision based. If they chose you, you should know that they have already foreseen a future with you worth pursing before they even said ‘Hi’. Unlike the Direct Wealth who weighs and measures, the Indirect counterpart have this uncanny ability to see ahead of others, be few steps ahead of others and have an edge over competitors, be it in life, love or business. Their sense of believe in something, faith in something they are passionate about without letting any risk bother them is unwavering.

The only issue is when this believe and faith is taken advantage of or dies down. Because of their nature, the IW has great high and lows in life and they unfortunately take failures very badly. Not only is it a bruise to their ego but the biggest upset is that their vision didn’t go as planned, or a person who didn’t live up to their expectations. They can be quite brutal about moving on to their next passion, and that includes people.

If YOU are Indirect Wealth: Passion, to you, is everything. It’s what you live and breathe for and this works great in your career. But when it comes to relationships, you need to also remember that there will be mundane day to day things where not much excitement is involved. There are plenty of way to continuously keep the passion alive and like the 7 Killings, to avoid chasing the wrong person do try to take the time to get to know them first. The reason why I say this is that you have a tendency to fall head over heels for someone purely out of passion (which is easily mistaken for lust) and the relationship dies down as fast as it began. This makes you attract people who are not in for the long haul or people who will leave you very easily as well after emptying your pockets (because you are so generous), which is okay if you’ve decided on that sort of lifestyle but for those who are not, take some time to know the person for who they really are, their quirks, their weaknesses, their mundane routine instead of plunging head on to the next best thing – try to balance this.

How to turn them on: They are usually very attracted to someone somewhat carefree, wild and yes, hot, and usually someone above their social status. But in general someone that triggers their heart, mind and soul and this is rather subjective. Be supportive of their career and remind them of it. They can veer off course for awhile just because of love. The perfect person for an IW is someone who equally compliments their career, their support system, confidant and cheerleader. An unhealthy IW tend to decide from their lust (well they call it passion) and the healthy IWs will understand the concept of having a partner you adore, who not only befits your social standing but also supportive enough to be the key person behind your success. They are big picture people and tend to forget the smaller details – that’s where you come in.

How to turn them off: They are quite headstrong and want their way, so being equally domineering will turn them off. They may be in love with you but it does not mean that they release their reign to you. They really dislike being questioned many times and will always feel there is no need to report every single thing to you. This angers them. You will just have to take it as it is and trust him. Undermining their ambition – it really upsets them.

What to buy for them: A romantic dinner, exotic holiday, hot air balloon ride, stroll by the beach and buy them something with sentimental value or something very exclusive and difficult to get your hands on.

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