How to Make The Best of Everything

No technicalities today, I just want to share 🙂

Going through 4 Fan Yin and 4 Fu Yin (actually 5-5 if you also take my Luck Pillar into account) in 1 year is never an easy thing. Only 2 normal months in 1 whole year. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE this year. It’s arguably my best year ever. I’ve been given opportunities I’ve never imagined in my lifetime and no words can express how grateful/thankful/blessed I am being amongst people I simple adore. So the highs are really high and the lows, as I’ve also learnt some months because of the Fu Yin, can get quite low. As my best friends keep reminding me, I’ve already been through so much in life what is it that I can’t handle? That is very true. So I took this year to restructure my entire life all over again. Removed what should be removed for the longest time. Starting anew. All at its proper timing.

I used all my biggest Clash months to do all my big move. I didn’t really plan it, I just thought I had nothing left to lose and I’m quite a risk taker, so I might as well experiment. The first time I ever spoke on stage, winning my aerial silk competition, the launch of my blog, my first Webinar were all on my biggest clash months. So what’s there to fear so much about Clashes? I have a Dragon in my Month, the much feared Dragon this year. Both my jobs (yes I have 2 jobs) are not only intact, I got promoted as well. Embrace change, and change will embrace you. Who wants to see Clashes now? 🙂

Now when I think of the low….. one was getting used to new life routines, the only thing I considered as a biggest low was me stupidly disclosing my personal contact last month, actually out of sincere goodwill, cos I am kind, I insist to be kind and I would not have it any other way. But it’s very normal and I have to accept that 1 out of 1000 people I meet will abuse this kindness. Only 1 out of 1000, that’s only 0.1%. If you can help 99.9% what is that 0.1? Statistically, for a Fan Yin-ful year (all 5 of them), I’m actually really happy that the numbers of these physical threats massively dwindled just by me mastering metaphysics. Only 0.1. And if I had been a little bit smarter even this 0.1 would have been avoided.

So why did I learn metaphysics? It’s to handle years like these. And not just to “handle” years like these, but to THRIVE in it. It’s to take stones that life supposedly throw at me to build my castle. A lot of things in life are never even meant to hurt you, if you can only put them all into perspective.

How you ask me? You can start by attending this weekend’s Thrive 2019 🙂

When Your Brain Is On Strike

I suddenly developed a mental block so while I was forcing myself to churn something out and couldn’t, I thought why don’t I just write about… having a mental block?

Whenever you can’t think, more often than not, it involves your Hour pillar as the Hour pillar represents your thoughts, your thinking pattern, things that you are in charge of… which is your mind. See, even the whole Bazi pillar is set up in a way to tell you that you are in charge of your thoughts and not the other way round 🙂

Alternatively, we must first identify the actual problem in order to get a diagnosis. Is the mental block related to:

  1. Lack of inspiration?
  2. Lack of content?
  3. Unable to produce/create anything?
  4. Lack of focus?
  5. Depression?
  6. Brain just not functioning?

There definitely is at least one negative interaction of the above happening at a particular time. What is negative solely depends on the individual chart, even a combination can be negative.

Lack of Inspiration.

This is usually a Fire problem. Either no fire or too much fire element at that point in time can both wipe out your drive, your inspiration for awhile.

Lack of Content.

Lack of content would be a resource (DR/IR) issue. Maybe you want to write something but lack the knowledge for it? Or at that point in time lack the methods to obtain these information. Fluctuating Resource can also mean that your thoughts are unstable and erratic.

Unable to create/produce anything.

This is an output (EG/HO) issue. Either too much, too little or any negative interactions is enough to put all your great ideas to a halt. It can also mean that you’re tinkering with your idea for too long.

Lack of Focus

Lack of focus is usually an Influence (DO/7K) problem. Either you lack discipline in carrying out what you’re supposed to do or constantly flip flopping your ideas, which shows your inability to focus on the task at hand at that point in time.

Temporary Depression.

One of the biggest contributor to this is having a Fu Yin come in, especially when it’s interacting with the hour pillar (there are many additional factors as well like when involving fire or earth elements)

I think it’s very very normal for anyone to go through a downtime at any point of their lives and should not be overly alarmed over it. Sometimes we need downtime to regroup, rethink and re-strategize. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

6. Brain refuse to function?

This is when you’re not depressed, everything else is okay but your brain just refuses to get up from sleep. This usually happens when there is some sort of negative interaction with your Hour pillar. It can range from Destructions, Punishments, Harms, Fan Yin and even negative combinations, like combining an unfavorable Death and Emptiness (DE) into your Hour pillar. It worsen if your hour pillar happens to be your Resource, Output or Influence.

How to Mitigate?

If you are into Feng Shui, you can check/clear the corresponding directions or flying star sectors that is related to the above issue. Most likely a 1, 4, 6.

If you prefer to use Qimen or can’t use Feng Shui, 9 Heavens is a great deity to use, together with a Life or Open door. Moon in a good door is also fantastic for amassing knowledge. White Tiger is great for execution, energy and strength.

The Bazi Method: Ungrateful Punishment

Ungrateful Punishment (UgP) happens when one person feels their effort was not appreciated or reciprocated. In other words the end result didn’t meet your expectation.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 4.58.25 PM.png

I see UgP as more of an expectation issue. For instance Person A did something for Person B. Person B didn’t react accordingly nor thank you for it. Person A gets upset. In extreme cases of UgP, not only you’re not thanked but you got yourself into big trouble for this person who repays you by pouring more salt to your wound.

In this scenario, maybe person B is a freeloading asshole? Or maybe person B really wasn’t aware that Person A had that expectation in the first place? Like the Bullying Punishment, this also works both ways. You may need to take a hard look in the mirror to see if you are also unapologetically using others?

A Bullying Punishment person contributes a lot because they carry a subconscious need to be liked. When it’s not reciprocated they feel very ‘victimised’. An Ungrateful Punishment person on the other hand, contributes a lot because they subconsciously want something in return, tangible or otherwise. When it backfires, they feel ‘betrayed’ or unappreciated.

Again, these inconveniences are life lessons that you need to master, namely OPEN-HEARTEDNESS. You cannot let any setback lock up your heart. The more distrustful and suspicious you become, the more you attract these circumstances. If you want to do something, do it wholeheartedly and then be at peace with whatever the results may be.

Second lesson would be to KNOW YOUR PEOPLE. You’re naturally not very good at filtering the people around you. Because you do have a tendency to give to those who will use you but you take from those who actually give you. Ultimately, not everyone you love will stay, not everyone you trust will be loyal. Some people exist as a lesson to what you should avoid and if it’s time to let them go, let them go.


The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.

7 Killings v2.0

Throughout the years my views on 7 Killings have drastically changed based on my own experiences. Traditionally this has always been the most dreadful star, bringing challenges, obstacles, painful change, haters, everything and anything unpleasant BUT if we’re being realistic here hasn’t that always been the best way we learn and grow? What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger?

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 9.50.57 AM.png

Imagine you holding your hot coffee on a Monday morning, the train was already late and you’re rushing to work. Someone slams right into you causing your coffee to spill all over. You spilled coffee because you were holding coffee. Had you been holding water, you’d spill water. What I’m getting at is whatever that’s inside your cup spills out….everywhere.

Therefore when 7Killings comes along to (and it will) shake you up, whatever that is inside you comes out. It’s easy to control (or fake) our true self until we’re rattled.

So ask yourself, “When life gets tough, what spills out?” “What is inside you all along?” Is it Anger, Bitterness, Harsh reactions or is it Gratefulness, Humility, Forgiveness and Joy?

This…. is 7 Killings. It’s the outcome of your reaction when life is seemingly ‘tougher’. When someone comes in to ‘knock into you and spill your coffee’.

Most people fear 7 Killings so much because naturally, humans tend to have a resistance towards pain or change. They want everything but sometimes seem to lack the willpower to withstand what actually needs to be done/sacrificed to get there.

7 Killings when embraced, makes passive people finally take action, gives people a sense of courage and movement (plus beneficial life lessons) especially for the more immovable and unchangeable day masters. At its ultimate best, it means being in a position of power or being in the presence of powerful people or powerful opportunities. The scariest star, when used right, always ends up being the most useful one.

How do you use it right, you ask? Check your cup. Does spilling your coffee on a day you’re late make you blow your top? Spoil your entire day and everyone else’s you came in contact with? You laugh it off? Or even ask if the other person is okay? Make a new friend who turns out to be the CEO of a company you were dying to work for? Or does the harshness of life make you even harder (which in turns invites harsher 7Ks)? or make you even better? You choose.

Traditionally stronger day masters are supposed to be able to take this better and weaker ones will suffer from it. Strength of a chart only comes into play if you have absolutely NO intention to better yourself. But for anyone who is willing to improve and take on certain character upgrade, the strength you are born with doesn’t play a big role anymore. Maybe you were due for an upgrade anyway.

The Bedroom Code: Sexual Compatibility

Something more interesting and fun this time!

I’ve shared this a couple of time to those who’ve asked me about it. Did you know that you could see someone’s sexual needs, likes and dislikes just from their Hour pillar? Are you and your partner sexually compatible? Which one are you? Or rather, how can you understand your partner and have a healthier relationship?


So let’s get to it. Firstly, you don’t even need their Bazi, all you need is their Hour of birth. Simple enough? Then, check which 3 categories they fall into: Cardinals, Growth or Graveyards. The best match is when you belong to the same category as this at least ensures that your expectations are in line with one another. This applies for both male and females.


The lover of all lovers. Master of romance and the romeos of the 3. All cardinals are passionate to boot, with an appetite to match. When it comes to the love making department they are charming, suave and will always make you feel like you’re the only person in their universe (even if you’re not, oops). They crave eye contact, are very touchy-feely and it’s all about if you’ve both achieved emotional satisfaction on top of physical satisfaction. Anything less will put them off entirely, which is why despite being able to charm the socks out of anyone, most of them can’t do the One Night Stand thing. Even if they did it would be an encounter they don’t enjoy or remember fondly.

Keyword: Passion.

Matches: Another Cardinal or Growth. The graveyard is too mechanical and feelingless for the Cardinal.


The keyword for Growth hour pillars are, Novelty and Fun. All Growths are experts at infusing passion with the excitement of something new hence they will always be open to new positions, new locations, new entry points? *grin* You can be sure that you’re never bored and there’s aways something new to try out. Most likely to have a checklist to all the positions in the book, enjoys role playing and the females would have a whole closet full of racy lingerie, while the male enjoys admiring them. Most importantly, they enjoy keeping their experiences fun, light hearted and spontaneous. Anything continuously monotonous, repetitive or overly serious would bore them to death. Since growth are also traveling stars, they’d probably be more drawn to concepts akin to the mile high club.

Keyword: Fun.

Matches: All because they are always up for something new but another Growth is best.


Graveyards are an interesting and complex bunch. Because Graveyards hides so much secrets that you are sometimes totally taken off guard. Nevertheless amongst the 3, they tend see sex as just a tool or a task/need to fulfill hence they tend to be more ‘mechanical’ about it. This can be a fulfillment of responsibility, a fulfillment of a right of passage or sometimes it can even be just a fulfillment of ego (females included). Every move is somewhat more measured and calculated therefore they are least likely to finish off their spouse after they are done as their sense of achievement is about ‘completing the task’ without much consideration for emotional attachment. Sex and love are 2 totally separate things. But even so, because they have so much storage, they are most likely to have the most stamina at one go. Despite their appearance, they are most likely to have hidden fetishes and most likely to have more outlandish sexual requests.

Keyword: Unexpected

Matches: Another Graveyard. Maybbbeee a Growth but never a Cardinal. That amount of passion might scare or suffocate a Graveyard.


I want to thank all my CRAZZYY friends who shares every single detail of their sexual encounters with me, even when I didn’t ask and even when it’s too much information *laughs* resulting in a very thorough study done on my end. I love you all to bits because I realized I’m very blessed to have true friends like these who are overly comfortably in divulging every single indecent thing under the sun, laughing for hours and finding it absolutely normal.

Yi Wood: The Master Strategist



We have just witnessed one of the most interesting election, the battle of two powerful 乙 Yi Woods. Good Yi Woods are known to be Master Politicians as they are blessed with the uncanny ability to wheel almost everything to their favor while gaining utmost support. So it’s only fitting to say that it takes one great Yi Wood to be able to take down another Yi Wood.

乙 Yi can be called many things as they are extremely flexible in view, in will and sometimes also in loyalty. Most people have used lesser words but I prefer to use the word Master Strategist. But master strategist at what? And what does this Yi mean to you?

If Yi is your Companion star: You’re a true survivalist. There’s nothing that can take you down for long and when you put your mind to something, it will be done in whatever ways necessary. So that makes you a master of Life.

If Yi is your Resource star: You love and know every rule in the book when it comes to the art of ‘war’. Every tactic, every comeback, every ambush, you enjoy studying it. In most cases, that also makes you a great conspiracy theorist.

If Yi is your Wealth star: You frequently use tactical and strategic manipulation skills in getting deals and for wealth pursuits. The irony is that, for males, it also means that they are frequently ‘strategically and tactically manipulated’ by their own wives.

If Yi is your Influence star: You are strategic in ensuring your career progression. Power, status, reputation means a lot to you and you will strategically place yourself to gain these opportunities. Also a master strategist in asset accumulation。

If Yi is your Output: These are the people who have the means and ability to carry out tactical strategies to its fullest potential. Either they teach/preach it to the masses or they themselves become the master executor of life strategies in ways you’ve never seen. The good thing is that Output (especially the Eating God) are also quite principled, which ensures these Yi strategies are not misused.

Other things worth noting, Yi also represents attachment, fear, anger and also your kidneys.

The Bazi Method: Bullying Punishment

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 1.04.44 PM


Since it’s the Dog 戌 year, anyone with a Goat or an Ox in the chart would be experiencing some sort of Bullying Punishment (BP). The common view on BP is it’s always a ‘playing victim’ mentality issue. Once you change that mindset, all goes away. True and False.

In short, BP is getting stuck in an uncomfortable situation that you can’t easily get out of. Sometimes you asked for it but sometimes you didn’t. It can be as minor as offering your help to people who are unapologetic about freeloading off you versus in extreme cases of Full BP, you become the victim of physical bullying, even road bullying.

Other forms of bullying are very subtle, for example your coworker did something really bad to you but you are still forced to work together. You can’t speak up about it because if you do, you will be put at the losing end anyway. In this ironic situation, both of them have bullying punishments as it can manifest both ways, being the bully or being the ‘victim’ depending on how healthy and heavy the Earth element in your chart is. Normally the one with the high percentage of Earth ends up the ‘victim’.

Like every other punishments, this inconvenience is not meant to punish you but are instead life lessons you need to master. The first lesson is FORGIVENESS: Forgive those whose apology you never got. Forgive those who are not even sorry to begin with because this forgiveness is to free yourself and then move on.

The second lesson is SELF-LOVE: There is a huge difference between being selfish and learning self-love. Being selfish is closing yourself up entirely and taking consistently. Self love is the art of giving without ever diminishing or lowering yourself because you now stand up for yourself if needed and know your self worth. Bullies are bullies only because they lack love and lack self worth.

Last but not least, just be yourself and do everything from your own heart, what people think of you or say of you and even do to you is none of your business.


The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.