The Qimen Method: Relationship Compatibility Part 1

Last year during one of my workshop I introduced a ‘testing’ Qimen compatibility theory using Stars which the students has feedback to me that it didn’t look quite right. So I’ve been researching on how to see Synastry using Qimen and this is the first finding, so far this has been pretty accurate.

The general theory when looking at Friendship or Like-mindedness is when 2 person share the same Destiny palace, at least the same Palace element – Wood and Wood, Fire and Fire, Water and Water, Earth and Earth, Metal and Metal. Producing cycle is still okay.

But when it comes to romantic relationships you should throw in another palace – this involves looking at your Destiny palace and your Relationship palace (6 Harmony) in your Destiny Chart, because that’s usually what you want or how you see and approach relationships. Having someone who has a destiny palace in your relationship palace shows someone you will be attracted to. Having someone who shares the same 6 Harmony palace as you shows someone who shares your same views in a relationship. Same Destiny with Same Relationship Palace is also okay. Note where the palaces and palace elements are.

For example in chart 1 and chart 2 below, Person 1 has the 6 Harmony in the South East palace, and Person 2 is a Destiny Palace of South East. Person 2 is the kind of person Person 1 looks for in a relationship – hence the attraction is high. Person 2’s 6 Harmony does not share the same palace but it still belongs to the same element – hence the natural attraction still there.


When I say Natural Attraction, it just means that the relationship is easier and your tolerance level is higher caused by the like-mindedness in character and views of relationship. If you realize you don’t fit this criteria it just means that you have to exercise tolerance, understanding and give and take a bit more than those who have this. Furthermore relationship is the most complex subject of all and some people (especially those Day Master sitting on 7 Killings), does not like anything Easy anyways.

Producing palace is still okay, but this means one person is always giving more than the other. One very okay with giving and one very okay with taking while complaining – sounds quite normal to me – *laughs*.


The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.

The Qimen Method: Reading Health Issues

Let’s do some Health reading today. When it comes to health I think many people would read it multiple times because of its implications. So before I start:

This blog provides general information and discussions about health and related subjects. The information and other content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.

If you or any other person has a medical concern, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something that have read on this blog or in any linked materials. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency services immediately.

The opinions and views expressed on this blog and website have no relation to those of any academic, hospital, health practice or other institution.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s start. When reading Health matters the important Focus Points are:

  • Day: Asker/Patient
  • Hour: Outcome
  • Grain: Illness/Disease
  • Heart: Doctor
  • Yi: Medicine or Alternative Healer

For this chart: Jia Yin = Gui, and Jia Xu = Ji.

Background: Asker has been coughing non stop for 4 months, seen the doctor multiple times and it does not heal. The cough worsened recently after a series of trauma and living in fear for awhile and another doctor pointed out that this is caused by the acid reflux (reversal of gastric juice back up to the throat) which could be caused by bacterial infection (or not) and is going to schedule a scope to check the root cause. Another healer student coincidentally commented about the asker’s stomach condition recently. Asker has a prior medical condition with the stomach that were quite severe (ulcers, gastric and etc) and the question was to know if this was more than just a minor infection.

Illness Box (SW): Harmony / Grain / Death / Wu Wu (Ding Ding) HS + DE.

Firstly, let’s see what’s wrong. This is not a good box at all, apart from the fact that the whole chart is a full Fu Yin. Grain with Death and 7 star always implies a serious condition, something cancerous that is difficult to treat and when seen with the Harmony means that it is spreading or has spread. The 28 constellation is Foundation which denotes abdominal issues (with the Wu in place as well). The Ding stuck to it serves to contribute to the problem, most likely need to check the parts that Ding represents as it seems to be overproducing. In TCM, everything in the body correlates so an Earth issue will counter Water next, which is the kidneys and urinary system which will then affect the Fire and so on before the entire body breaks down. The DE and HS are 2 ‘timebombs’, making the condition totally dormant or suddenly flare up, most likely in 2021 (unless it’s as fast as Jan 2020). Looking at the asker’s Bazi chart, this critical timeline is supported IF the asker does nothing about this predicament.

Asker Box & Doctor Box (NW): Snake / Heart / Open / Gui Gui

The asker is with the Heart (Doctor) who is only average to begin with. He immediately suggested a personal specialist who would most likely suggest some form of surgery, very common these days. At the moment he is suggesting a Scope which is kinda represented by the Snake (and other tests) to get a full diagnosis first. However following this Doctor’s advice does weaken the disease (produce out) but doesn’t not truly solve it.

Option A: Outcome Box: Chief Grass Rest Ji Ji

Since this is the outcome from the doctor’s suggestion as well as the next sequence, this treatment looks rather expensive and this would be the time you check if the patient is sufficiently insured and if not, plan for it. The current doctor is average at best (3 stars) and it looks like the bill can cause some damage and yet only help weaken the disease slightly. But if you’re just using the door, this water palace can at least remove the Fire that is fueling the problem. At least it is kept in check. So patient is advised to Rest more, rejuvenate, take it easy and meditate or sleep more. This helps control the problem, but not solve it.

Option B: Alternative Solution: Earth Destructor Harm Yi Yi

The other solution is that the Yi box (E) actually counters the disease (SW) so the patient needs to look for (harm) an alternative healer (Earth + Yi) for a strong unconventional type of treatment (Destructor) – TCM is a good alternative, acupuncture or my personal favourite, Qi Gong. At 1 star it’s still a grand task to eradicate the problem, but I think anything that has 7 star Grain Death door with Harmony is just buying time. So whichever method buys you the most time, you go with it. The chart is full Fu Yin anyways and the Life door still in the same Earth palace, if done well, rest well, controlled well, you can still buy a lot of time.

The information in this page/blog is meant to supplement, not replace, proper metaphysics training. Readers should consult a certified consultant for proper diagnosis of their entire chart/life issues. Past events, locales and conversations may have been reconstructed in order to maintain anonymity. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual events (unless specified) is purely coincidental.

The Qimen Method: Read Anyone Under 2 Seconds

I’ve forgotten all about this old theory that Dato had taught many years back. He said in case you were in an unfamiliar social setting, or in a meeting, or even amongst friends or colleagues, someone you met for the first time, you could actually plot out that hour’s Qimen chart to understand their personalities and intentions without even needing their birthdays or stare at their faces or pull out a deck of cards.

So happened my group chats were sending pictures of those out during the eclipse and my cheeky side wanted to jokingly tease whoever was sitting on the worst sector on the worst day of the year. So I plotted the chart and suddenly this technique came into mind after noticing a pattern. I was so amazed by the accuracy that I just had to share.

I’m just going to use a random photo here to demonstrate, so happen to have the right amount of people fit into one chart. From your naked eye, note their seating or standing arrangements and just mentally label them this way:


I tilted the chart to face the correct direction these people were facing. So you do need to know your orientation.

Note: If you don’t have 7 or 8 people, roughly gauge their direction from you. If you have more than 7 or 8, share the box but split the upper and lower stems.

Once you’ve identified the box, you can start reading them. This is actually quite a neat party trick.

Person 1 : Moon Pillar Harm Gui Yi

Moon+Harm = Hunting for information through conversation (Pillar) but there is a 6 crescent punishment (Gui in Xun) which may mean the person may have accidentally overshared instead of hunting, which will work against him/her. In terms of personality, an incredibly knowledgeable person but hard to get to know on a personal level. Their personal life is well hidden. Impatient, likes things done their way and loves to talk. Growth is an important factor in their life.

Person 2 : Snake Heart Delusion Ding Xin DE

This person looks like s/he didn’t want to go (DE) or s/he is almost wanting to leave to go somewhere else (hexagram), but they have 1 very specific reason for sitting here, like they had 1 particular motive (Snake + Heart). In terms of personality, This person so happens to also be a Surging Snake hence fitting the chart and own personality, has one expertise that they have mastered but at the moment being very over shadowed or unnoticed (delusion). They have tried a lot of different methods but at the moment still not working out.

Person 3: Chief Grass Scenery Geng Yi/Bing DE/HS (Nullified)

This person has the most authority (Chief) amongst everyone else in the room. They also happen to be the most good looking (Scenery) and had big plans, some are working out some are not because there were saboteurs involved (Great White In Darkness structure) and at one point was at a loss (Small structure). Personality wise, this person is the most giving, pure and big hearted, already mentioned good looking but has their own rash way of doing things, which was what attracted the haters/opposition. But in the end, goodness wins, yay (hexagram).

Person 4: 9 Heavens Ambassador Death Ren Gui

This box, is not a very nice box. It shows that this person has the most headache at the moment (Ren+Gui) either because a financial plan or a high level management plan gone wrong (Ambassador+Death). The good news is that all it needs is a brand new vision, new perspective and to follow their gut/intuition to solve it (9 Heavens + Death + hexagram). Personality wise, this person’s views in life are always 3 steps ahead of their peers. S/He had to go through a few painful downfalls but each time it happens they climb higher and higher. They only need to learn to take charge of their unhealthy thought pattern. That’s the only thing in their way.

Person 5: 9 Earth Destructor Fear Ding Wu

This was the worst box in this hour, as highlighted in our FSA events. NW on Eclipse day. So this person would be in the lowest point at the moment, most likely due to financial worries (Earth + Destructor + Fear + Wu + hexagram), at least something of big value went very wrong. Luck is also not really on their side (Ding in Qian). In terms of personality, this is still a very nice person with a fierce or fixed way of doing things. They also do not have the patience to wait for the result of their work and constantly does too many different things and end up achieving nothing. This causes them financial worries.

Person 6: Black Tortoise Assistant Open Yi Geng

Obviously this would be the most cunning one with a politician mindset (Tortoise + Yi + Geng). Shamelessly uses their charms, underhanded tactics and flip flop their personality to get people to give them whatever they want, especially in work related matters (Open). Their modus operandi is by blindsiding everyone with fake knowledge (Assistant with Tortoise). Their true intention is to open up their own branding/travel opportunities and eliminate all other competitors (Dragon Force formation) by using other people (Geng -Yi). In terms of personality, they super charming, do have a great affinity with knowledge but the issue is it ends up misused. They have no problem cooking up fake information and at the moment people believe them and willingly gives them anything without having to ask. The good thing is that this will eventually bring them big trouble (Geng + Hexagram in Kan) and in the end not get what they want.

Special Note: You might ask, Assistant with Tortoise can also mean a very influential and knowledgeable speaker, it is traditionally a rogue teacher (in Malay we call this ‘ajaran sesat’) but in this case we differentiate by looking at the stem, which are negative and the formation is equally cunning, so this person will tilt to the negative and not the positive.

Person 7: White Tiger Hero Rest Xin Ren

Of everyone on the table, this person is likely the most relaxed one. Possibly they were enjoying the company and found this meeting rejuvenating. There is also a lot of things to be done that are not yet done (hexagram) so this Tiger better get moving. In terms of personality, this person loves to dress up and look good, most likely also very skilled in speech (Xin) and whenever they speak they really look good (Hero). Personality wise this person has a lot of energy, most likely loves sports activities and is resilient to most hardship. They have a vision and also a powerful persona that makes people listen to them but may have a small issue with clarity.

Technically I have just deciphered an entire chart to you. And I do this by truly understanding the individual components (Qimen Destiny/Forecasting) as well as the structure (Qimen Strategic Execution). From this one chart alone, you will manage to map out anyone’s personalities and sometimes you just want to know who are helpful? Who are not? Who is sincere? Who are not? In fact from this chart you can also foretell which person will not get along with which person. This will be very useful if you’re stuck in an unstable/complex environment or you’re not even sure who to trust – and not really for anyone to pry into any other people’s businesses. Because it’s really not that fun to know too much in the first place. Theoretically it’s really good for technical practice but in the real world, you should just let it go and let things be. Let evil eradicate itself.

Only advanced student could read it as detailed as I did, so if you’re not, don’t fret. The Deity alone is enough to tell you what you need to know. A Tortoise is a Tortoise. A Chief is a Chief. Next time just match it with the Door. Then the Star and the stems. Feel like learning Qimen yet? 🙂

Qimen Destiny Chart for Strategic Execution?

Mind Your Qi is officially 1 year old today. Thank you so much for all your support and for sharing this journey with me, it has been such a pleasure so here’s a Qimen write up for everyone ♥

You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle... (2).png

I share a lot on Qimen Strategic Execution because I’m also very heavy on application. Knowing and identifying flaws or weaknesses, be it Bazi or Qimen, is only the first step. Pointing out for flaws in buildings using Qimen Feng Shui is also only a first step. The most important part in metaphysics is its application – what can I actually DO about this now that I know about it? Knowing is not enough.

In my recent video I taught you how to identify the best sectors in a Qimen chart as well as how to manifest. Subsequently a few people did ask that if they don’t have the hour/day/month chart, how can they do this?

Because today is a special day, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. use your own Qimen Destiny Chart 🙂

But of course this method is only limited to what you have and you do need to know the structures and formations you can leverage on in any chart which will be covered extensively in this weekend’s Qimen FS and SE classes.

Whenever I look at someone’s Qimen Destiny chart I always pick 3 things:

  1. Destiny: Your destiny palace
  2. Strength: Your non-destiny 7 star (if you’re a 7 star then the 6 star)
  3. Usability: The nicest structure in your chart (you may have more than 1 or overlap with one of those above)


Only in Qimen Destiny I personally do not care about the Destiny level/star as much as the person’s mentality and belief system (and no you do not need religion). It only shows what you’re born with and throughout life you can ‘level up’ on your own – meditation, qigong, martial arts, energy work, fitness training, so on and so forth. A 1 star Chief who constantly level up is better than a 7 star Chief who does nothing. But of course a level 1 Chief has more work to do to catch up to the level 7, but in time will surpass it. Get my point?

Furthermore, if you noticed by now, almost all 7 star Destiny do not use their Deity. Like a ‘I know I have it but I don’t want to use it’ kinda thing. It suddenly becomes like a 100% profile in your Bazi – unless you have a DE. Why? I don’t know? If you’re a 7 star Moon and you have all the knowledge in the world, why don’t you apply it on yourself? So it goes back to what I look at, mentality and readiness. So I’d pick the next one – 6 star.

The first 2 are easier to identify. But when you’re looking at Usability, this is where you need to pick up Strategic Execution in order to understand the formations and structures together with it’s meaning. A 3-4 star ‘Bird Fly Into Cave’ 9 Heavens may be way more usable than a normal 6 star Destiny 9 Heavens. There are so many formations in a Qimen chart – depending what you want to use it for but now we just want to see which ones you already have. Remember – I state here as Usability and not the person’s characteristics and personality. You will always behave like your Destiny palace which we will refer back at the Qimen Destiny theory taught at the end of the year.

So once you’ve identified this you can use them whenever you want – because these energies are always with you. Getting what you want from whatever you have, right? But if you need more, then do join us at our best selling Qimen Mastery classes this weekend (or at the end of the year). You seriously won’t want to miss it 🙂

How to Decide Better with Qimen Forecasting

This morning someone asked me a casual question, if they should proceed with an additional task or project. In short it’s a go / no-go question. I thought the chart was pretty interesting and wanted to share how you actually make decisions based on a Qimen Forecast.

This was the hour chart I used:



There isn’t any need to look for other Useful Gods so the Day (asker/current situation) and Hour (outcome) will do. Rule #1 of metaphysics: Always keep things as simple as possible. Do not complex-ify anything that does not require complexity 🙂 It’s pretty much a rule of life as well.



Ding (丁) Fire in the SouthEast (SE) represents the Asker. Even if you think you don’t know much about Qimen, you can already see that this a Good box – all red structures. Everything is going on very well for the asker right now, in a very ideal position (Hero), financially secured (Earth) and easy-going at the moment (Rest Door). They may not feel it yet or maybe just be restless (Not Yet Accomplished Hexagram) but the reality is as what it is. Good enough.


Yi (乙) Wood in South (S). Amazingly the destination in question was Singapore which is in the South and with a 9 Heavens (travelling overseas). The outcome is not too bad either. There is some money to be made (Life door) but there is a need to take full care of staff/students/people under your care (Grain) and there will be a number of problems/crisis (Geng) awaiting to be solved by you. There seems to be a lot of people meddling in this situation.


The palaces are producing (SE produce S) which means this is definitely the outcome you will achieved if you choose to go out and get it (Producing out). Beginner students very easily misinterpret this as ‘As long as it’s producing, this means yes, means I should proceed‘.

The answer is No. Look at the palaces again. If you’re currently in a very good and superior position, do you want to add on a task that clearly takes more effort, more problems and more solving? Well, of cos the final decision depends on the Asker’s priorities but for this chart the advice would be to stay where they are, where things are already as good as it can be.  There’s no need to take on anymore for now – Rest.

However (for Advanced Qimen student to note – beginners please ignore), if you notice the asker Ding (丁) stem is also present in the Outcome palace. There could be a possibility that the asker may not be able to get out of this task and ‘asked’ to proceed even though they decide not to. Let’s wait for the Asker’s feedback 🙂

Unlocking The Qimen Doors: Door of Rest休門

“If you want quick results, use the Deity, if you want permanent results, use the Door”

Doors are part of the Earth realm which requires action/interaction on our part. Nothing beats creating destiny (or permanence) by going out to get it yourself.

8Doors (2).png

The Door of Rest 休門 

Water| Kan Gua | North | 1

When all else is done it’s time to kick back, relax and rejuvenate ourselves before you spring to life again.

If you have a Qimen Destiny Rest door, you’re naturally pretty laid back to begin with. You have an agreeable personality and it’s easy to talk to you. Comfort is important to you and you do make sure you do well enough to afford the comfort that you need. Your family, your relationships, health and wellbeing are the most important components in your life. Whenever you can you will always take time to travel, relax and pamper yourself especially when life gets a little too stressful, because if there’s one thing you’re not good at it’s managing stress. You are also naturally less proactive and will need certain trigger points or key incidents to get you moving. Unhealthy Rest doors can be rather lazy and does not do much apart from sleep.

In Qimen Forecasting Rest door represents exactly that, rest. It’s all about rejuvenation, relaxation, pleasure, travelling, mingling, social parties, family events, eating and drinking and even bedroom activities. If you were asking about progress, you might be asked to take a break before you are able to continue. Rest door is great with it comes to family matters, relationship matters and health matters. It’s a great door to de-stress and meet up with loved ones.

In Qimen Strategic Execution, this door is best used for meditation especially with Chief, 9 Heavens or 9 Earth deities. You can also use Rest door if you’re looking to heal (physically and emotionally) from something or to embark on a great spiritual holiday. It’s great to hold gatherings especially if they also involve family. It’s generally a great door to use for deepening your bond with friends, family and business related acquaintances. It’s also great door to use to heal after surgery or a health issue. Sexual activities are also governed by this door, in case you have any intention to pick a specific date/area for it.

In Qimen Feng Shui, this would be the best place to position your bedroom in order to be well rested. It can also represent a healing space, spa, entertainment outlets, places you go to let your hair down and de-stress. It could also represent lakes or water features if other water components are in place. 

For any additional information on how to be part of our best selling Qimen Club, kindly contact Team Joey Yap.

Unlocking The Qimen Doors: Open Door 開門

“If you want quick results, use the Deity, if you want permanent results, use the Door”

Doors are part of the Earth realm which requires action/interaction on our part. Nothing beats creating destiny (or permanence) by going out to get it yourself.


The Open Door 開門

Metal| Qian Gua | NorthWest | 6

If you have a Qimen Destiny Open door, one of your best trait is that you have a very open mind and very accepting to all ideas and viewpoints. This makes you a great conversationalist and you seem to easily share and accept every single difference of opinion. Your open heart and open mind naturally draws people to you and whenever possible should always travel far and wide to further broaden your horizons. It always looks like things goes very smoothly and opportunities drawn to you but that is because of your ability to look at any obstacles objectively and turn it all around to your favor. When you open your heart, the world opens up to you as well.

In Qimen Forecasting Open door represents your career. It represents opportunities, new beginnings, people who are open to listen to your ideas. Things that you were aiming for will be found. The only time this is not ideal is in a Relationship and Health forecast. One denotes an open relationship that is free for all parties and another denotes surgery.

In Qimen Strategic Execution, the Open Door is a very suitable door to do launches, openings, expansion, business commencement, moving to a new residence. This is also very suitable to use when you need to have a discussion with someone who does not want to change their mind. Sometime you find the one with the rigid mind is you, so you may meditate with this door to open up your own mind as well.

In Qimen Feng Shui, this would represent the main door or the gate. It is also possible that there is a open area or a bright hall. Spending time in this area would give a boost to your career and improve your thinking pattern.

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