Mind Your Hexagrams: 19 Arriving 地泽临 ䷒

I like this Hexagram. Kun on Dui is producing in hence this hexagram is about all things that are coming soon and on the way. You’re about to harvest the fruits of your labor. It comes after hexagram 18 Poison where you’ve rectified a difficult situation and everything is well on its way to progress. It brings with it a feeling of hopeful anticipation.

If you were asking about an action plan, it’s time for you to say what is it you want to say because it will be well received by the general public. Showcase what you have, speak your heart out, make that connection with the people you want to, everything will be well received. Take that step out of your comfort zone, to something new, and you will be rewarded soon.

In relationship context, what you’ve always wanted is on the way. If you’re single and waiting then this is a great sign that you’ll find someone suitable very soon. If you’re in a relationship, any plans that you both have will come to fruition. It will be an exciting and meaningful time for the both of you. (Just to add on: if you want to put this into a sexual context it can also represent climax or orgasms 🙂 ).

In health and well being, if you’ve been healthy, things will be looking great but for those who have not been feeling very well, you are due for a check up – most likely intestinal or something more to do with the lung and bones. Spiritually it’s time to do something new, step out of the norm to increase your energy level. This is a time to be focusing on your personal growth.

Mind Your Hexagrams: 5 Waiting ䷄ 水天需

There is a saying that goes ‘Patience is not about waiting, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting’. This hexagram is all about that. There will be times where we are held back for very good reasons even if we don’t understand it then. There are things that are supposed to unfold accordingly and if pushed or rushed may ruin the entire thing, so we’re being asked to – Wait.

But some people wait better than others. To some waiting creates anxiety, worry, restlessness or the worst case scenario, a feeling of unfairness. Some others just take it really easy and when I ask them how they remain so calm they answer ‘Because it will happen, it’s just a matter of time. When the time comes I will be ready’. The major difference is the conviction, the belief and the most important word – Faith. And not that many people have this sort of faith.

Because it’s a Kan sitting on a Qian, the self conviction and value is strong. You’re in power, you have value, you even have the support and you know it. The only issue right now is that despite your capabilities you are overlooking all the dangers (Kan) lurking outside and going against the tide by force not just going to tire you out unnecessarily, you will invite more issues than was needed. The best option is to wait out these dangers before you proceed. The tides will change, it always does, just give it time.

This applies to everything, from career, wealth to relationships so I don’t think I need to dissect it further. Even in relationships there may be a pause but this temporary break is put there to create a better setting for the future. Some things need time to settle, be put to rest, be set up, so allow this downtime for everyone to do what they need to do before proceeding.

In health or wellbeing, you may need to give yourself more options for a treatment plan or when choosing the best fitness regime. The one that you had in mind initially may not be a good choice. Alternatively, you may want to turn to some form of spirituality or meditation to help you calm your thoughts of ongoing external turmoil.

Mind Your Hexagrams : 20 Observation 风地观

This hexagram has a lot to do with taking one step back to examine and think about your next action/plan. Xun on Kun: where Xun is wind, movement, seeing things from the top while Kun has limited vision being stuck on the ground. So at the moment there are a lot of things happening around you that you may not be aware of. Or maybe there are reasons or explanations that you don’t know about because you were too busy to notice before. Another reason is that maybe you are the one who do not want to see the truth. And no one can make any good decision with this lack of vision.

The entire hexagram looks like an observation tower, so it is asking you to stand higher, go to higher grounds so that you can have a better view of what you are doing, where you want to go and what is truly happening. Refrain from taking any action until you are sure where you are right now. You need to accept the current reality as it is, not what you only want to see. Keep an open heart and be open to change. This step is crucial for moving forward.

If you’re asking about relationship, Hexagram 20 usually indicates a time where you start questioning yourself because something in the relationship needs to be decided or work on. Maybe something recently happened that hurt you? Something happened that you don’t understand its real reason? Or there is some decision that needs to be made. So you pause to examine your own views on the relationship. Where are you heading? Are you moving forward or backward? Is this where you want to be? Is there something more? Something less? There is definitely something that you’re not seeing, so you need to step out to find the bigger picture or take the initiative to find out what is truly happening before you decide. As above, be open to all input and be open to change for the better.

If you’re asking about wellbeing and health. This hexagram also shows that there is something wrong – you don’t feel right but you can’t really find the real reason. So you need to take some time off to do all the necessary tests. There’s most likely some slight discomfort with the abdominal and digestion area so that is something you can take a look at. Just be a little bit more careful with your food intake.